DIY Halloween Treat Boxes with Free 3D SVG File

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August 25, 2022

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January 20, 2024

Written by Kelsey Sergi
free diy halloween treat box svg file witches hat wit bats

These DIY Halloween Treat Boxes are my favorite party favor - they are customizable and will really wow your guests!

I made these for some of the kids we went trick or treating with last year and filled them with candy and little plastic toys. They were such a hit and are a lot easier to assemble than you think!

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Grab the Free Halloween SVG File

This witches hat treat box can be found under my community files - you will need to sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this post to get the password. I send out weekly updates on new free SVGs and projects.

If you're looking for some more free Halloween SVG files - check out this page or you can learn how to make my peek-a-boo coffin box here.

Materials Needed for the DIY Halloween Treat Box

You can sub in any colors you prefer - I have made these in the classic orange, black and purple color palette and now in the pastel colors as well. They are completely customizable to you!

You will need:

  • Cardstock Paper - I am using 12x12 sheets in black, pink, and glitter gold
  • Craft Glue - I am using Bearly Arts (DINOMAMA saves you 10% on their website)
  • Hot Glue and Gun (find one here)
  • Thread, Mesh, Yarn or Ribbon - I get mine from the Dollar Tree!
  • Bone Tool - this is optional but I love mine!

How to Upload into Cricut Design Space

After you have downloaded the free SVG file you can upload the file into Design Space as normal. We need to start by resizing everything. I made sure the lock was on so both the width and height would be adjusted. I changed the width to 29 inches which will make the bottom part of the box fit beautifully onto a 12x12 piece of paper. You can adjust the size to whatever you need! This size made the box just under 4 inches by 4 inches.

DIY Halloween Treat Box Cricut Design Space Tutorial

Now we need to ungroup everything! This is important for after we change our score lines. If you don't have a scoring tool with your machine, you can delete all of the score lines on the file. If you do have the option to score you will change all the lines on the triangles and boxes to score lines. This will help make the box easier to fold.

DIY Halloween Treat Box Cricut Design Space Tutorial

After you have all the score lines changed, make sure to go back and attach them to the appropriate piece. This is an important step, if you skip it, your score lines will end up on a blank mat.

DIY Halloween Treat Box Cricut Design Space Tutorial

Once everything is attached I went through and changed the colors of all of my pieces and sent to my machine!

How to Assemble the Halloween Treat Boxes

Step One: Assemble the Box

I started with my box base, this is pretty quick to put together. You will want to fold on all the of score lines and this is where your bone tool will come in handy if you have one.

DIY Halloween Treat Box assembly with Cricut

Once I have everything scored and folded, I start attaching the flaps on the inside of the box. I make sure to keep these inside because it gives the box a cleaner look. I am using my craft glue here but you can also use hot glue if you prefer.

I do the same steps for the top piece and the bottom piece.

DIY Halloween Treat Box assembly with Cricut

Once these two are made, I sent them off to the side to get started on the witches hat.

DIY Halloween Treat Box assembly with Cricut

Step Two: Assemble the Top of the Hat

You will need to grab all of the triangle pieces and the pentagon to assemble the pyramid for the top of the witches hat. Start again my folding on all of the score lines. Make sure that all of the folds are going the same way for these pieces.

DIY Halloween Treat Box assembly with Cricut

You will grab the pentagon and this is going to be your center. I attach the bottom fold to the bottom of the pentagon with the long fold going in towards the center. I do this all the way around with the triangles to make what looks like a star.

DIY Halloween Treat Box assembly with Cricut

Then I take the flaps and put them on the inside on the triangle piece next to it to complete a pyramid. The last piece will be a little tricky to attach but we will make it more secure at the top.

DIY Halloween Treat Box assembly with Cricut

Don't worry about some overlap at the top or if the point of the hat isn't perfect - this is why I include the bats!

DIY Halloween Treat Box assembly with Cricut

Before I attach it to the circle, I take a little hot glue at the top in between all of the points and attach them together slightly. This just helps all five pieces stay together.

DIY Halloween Treat Box assembly with Cricut

Now you can attach to your circle - do your best to center it!

DIY Halloween Treat Box assembly with Cricut

Step Three: Attach Your String

I used a thin yard and hot glued one end to the base of where the pyramid meets the circle. Then I wrapped my yarn around the base about 4-5 times. You can make this as thick or thin as you would like. It helps cover the seem and also adds a cute touch to the witches hat.

DIY Halloween Treat Box assembly with Cricut

Step Four: Attach Your Bats

I took my little bats and folded the wings up a little bit to give the illusion that they were flying and then used hot glue to attach them to my witches hat. You can always duplicate in Cricut Design Space if you want more than three bats.

DIY Halloween Treat Box assembly with Cricut

I made sure to place one at the very top of my pyramid to cover the points.

Step Five: Attach the Hat to the Box Top

I decided to go wit hot glue for this part as well but you can use craft glue - I kept it towards the center and than placed it on my lid.

DIY Halloween Treat Box assembly with Cricut

Now your box is complete! You can always add a name tag to these as well for more personalization. I just used a few layers of offset for the names.

DIY Halloween Treat Box finished box in purple orange and black
DIY Halloween Treat Box finished box in pink black and gold

If you want to make some fun Halloween Treat bags to go with these - you can check these out as well!

Happy Crafting!

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