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Come back weekly (or more often if you're so inclined) to learn new Cricut Projects and begin your journey on SVG creation.
Using your Cricut doesn't have to be intimidating or overwhelming - which it is when you open that box. Start small with simple projects and grow from there. You may also find you start out loving vinyl projects only to realize it was paper craft that was your true love after all (cue Me!).
Join me on my Cricut journey, grow your Cricut skills and go from a beginner Cricut user to an expert in no time.

Craft a Video Game Controller Box: Cricut Paper Craft + Free SVG

Create a video game controller box with your Cricut machine. This paper craft tutorial includes a free SVG file. Let's get creative with card stock!

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Memorial Day Craft with Cricut with Free 3D SVG File

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Grab your Cricut, some paper and this free DIY Mother's Day Card SVG File to make a QUICK last minute card mom will love!

Quick Mother's Day DIY Card Idea with Cricut [Free SVG Files]

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Create a personalized dinosaur shadow box with a Creative Fabrica font! Get 10 free items with their free trial. Start crafting today!

Create Your Own Dino World: Free Customizable Shadow Box SVG

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