DIY Mother's Day Gift Box Template SVG Free for Cricut

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April 12, 2024

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April 19, 2024

Written by Kelsey Sergi

Let's make a unique and creative shadow-box box for Mother's Day with a free SVG template!

A DIY Mother's Day Box with free SVG template.

I wanted to create something fun and different for Mother's Day this year and I love a good rolled flower shadow box so, why not combine the two into a gift box! You will be able to fill this with candy, jewelry, or another DIY project and it doubles as a showpiece!! I ended up making this digital template with two top options as well! I loved the MOM one with the peekaboo but then also realized I should have one where you can see all those paper flowers! Mom is going to love this gift box and you truly can make it a special gift for anyone in your life!

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Materials and Tools Needed

  • A cutting machine - you can cut this on a Cricut machine or Silhouette
  • A scoring tool - this is optional but helpful for making the lines on the box pieces
  • Card stock paper - I am using 12 x 12 card stock sheets, patterned, glitter, and dual-sided. I always leave color choices up to you, the crafter!
  • Glue - I used craft glue for the bottom of my box on the regular card stock
  • Hot glue - I prefer this for glitter paper and rolled flowers
  • Acetate sheet - I suggest this for the window box version
  • Tweezers - to help you roll your paper flowers
  • A squeegee or bone tool - to help with score line creasing

Downloading the Free SVG File

You can find the free SVG download here in my Community Vault - you will be able to grab the password by signing up for my email blow. Please see my tutorials on how to download here for Chrome/desktop and here for iPad/iPhone/Safari. Thank you for crafting with me and utilizing my growing library of free resources. I love helping you craft and come up with Creative Ideas.

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If you need a PDF template of the box, do not hesitate to email me below!

Looking for even more DIYs for Mom, check out my page here with Mother's Day Card ideas & SVGs.

Setting Up the SVG File in Cricut Design Space or Silhouette Studio

Step one is to resize the whole file, and make sure you do not change just one piece. I go based off the bottom piece (which is the biggest). the center will give you an idea of how big it will end up being. Then ungroup the file so we can work on the pieces individually.

Cricut Design Space set up for a free mothers day box.

Next, I change any of the solid black lines (in silhouette they will just be solid lines) to score lines. If you don't have a scoring stylus or scoring wheel for your Cricut maker you can just delete these and score by hand. Make sure you attach with the paper clip on Cricut to the proper piece.

I am offering two lid variations for this project so you can delete whichever one you decide not to use!

Change any colors you would like, it's a good idea to keep the top and the "shelf" the same color but not necessary! To change the box piece colors that have the score lines, you may need to use the drop down on the side and click on the basic cut base piece to change the color properly.

Once you have everything attached and ready to go you can send to cut.

Assembly of the DIY Mother's Day Gift Box

Folding the score lines on a DIY mothers day box.

Starting with the bottom of the box base - you will fold on the score line, I used a squeegee to get nice crisp lines in my card stock. There are two side panels with flaps that you will fold and glue onto the other sides of the box. I glue these tiny flaps onto the inside of the others so they are hidden.

Gluing the sides of a DIY mothers day box.

For the top of the box, you will make the window or the MOM the same as the base with the flaps. If you are using the acetate piece for the window, then you would glue this to the inside of the top of the box piece.

Adding an acetate window into a mother's day gift box.

For the middle insert or the landing for the rolled flowers, you will just fold UP on the score line so that the side pieces go up into the top layer. This is a snug fit into the top. If you are using glitter paper, and if you can, try cutting the pieces with the glitter facing down on the mat so the score lines are crisper.

Creating a paper shelf for paper flowers to sit on in a box.

Next, you will want to roll your flowers. I provided a free template for this in the file but if there is a rolled flower that you prefer (I have a bunch to download here), you can definitely use what you'd like, just size them to the same as the ones in my file!

Rolling paper flowers.

Once these are all rolled, you will line up 4 across and 3 down on the little shelf. I used hot glue for this because I am gluing onto glitter card stock paper. Glue choices I always leave up to you!

Gluing down paper flowers.

Arranging paper flowers into a diy shadow box gift box.

Now that they are all glued down, you can slide this piece into the top that you created. I did not glue mine in because it is a snug fit, but you can definitely glue down on all of the side pieces.

Rolled roses in a shadow box frame.

If you want to add the perfect touch to your DIY Mother's Day box, you can always cut out some vinyl and put it onto the shadow box window!!

DIY Mother's Day gift box with free SVG

These make your Mother's Day gifts even more special with so much ability to customize. I went with a pink ombre scheme but you can make them any colors you want or even use different patterns or textures. They are also able to be made into different sizes for your gift idea!

Rolled rose gift box.

​I am so grateful that you are here and crafting along with me, I truly enjoy making new digital files for you to try out every week! Your support means the world to me.

Thank you for crafting with me!

Stay Crafty!

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