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October 30, 2022

Free SVG Files for Cricut - How to Download Tutorial

There are over 450 free SVG files in the Dinosaur Mama collection and it's growing every week! Here is a tutorial on how to download and save the free SVG files to your computer.

Last Updated on 10.30.2022

Note: I am using a Mac but the idea should be the same for a PC - my free SVG files can also be downloaded onto an iPad or iPhone find the full instructions here.

Finding the Free SVG Files

Note: I am using Google Chrome

I am constantly working to update how my free SVGs are listed to make them easier to scroll through. From the main home page you'll see the menu at the top with a drop down menu.

home page with free svg files

Once you scroll over the menu will show you all of the categories of free SVG files - I am adding more before each season to keep you crafting. The community SVG's are password protected and you can grab it by signing up for my newsletter.

svg files for free commercial use

All of the SVG's found on my website are commercial use SVG's meaning that you can use these in any physical products that you make but I ask that the files themselves to not be sold. Please only use these if you are a small business making limited production.

Downloading the SVG Files for Free

Note: I am using Google Chrome.

These can be a little confusing to download but once you do it, it is quick and easy. First you will scroll and pick the file you like. Once you find the file, click download below and it will open to a new page - a new page will not open for community SVG Files. You will click the download now button and a new page will pop up and look like this with just an image:

how to download free svg files for cricut

When the new page is open you will want to right click on the image (the image is the free SVG File) to see some options and hit "save as" so we can add this to your computer.

how to download free svg files for cricut

You can then name the file whatever you'd like and save it to your desktop or a folder - just remember where you are downloading the files!

Next, you will see it downloading at the bottom (at least on a Mac) this is how it is shown.

how to download free svg files for cricut

Now, it should be on your desk top as an SVG file - these will not show the layers until you have uploaded them into Cricut Design Space. If you open the file outside of a design program it's going to only display as an image.

how to download free svg files for cricut

If you are using Safari: When you see the download button or download now button right click on this and say download attached file or download file and save as. To get this option you must right click! Downloading on the image is not an option on Safari. The download process if similar to how you download on an iPad or iPhone!

Uploading the SVG files to Cricut Design Space

You have the file and it's ready to use, uploading to Cricut Design Space is easy but you do have to upload each file individually. They have not introduced mass uploads yet. On the side of your canvas you will see "Upload" and you will select a file. This is why it is important to remember where you save all your free SVG files.

how to upload free svg files to cricut design space

Click open and add it to the library within Cricut.

how to upload free svg files to cricut design space

You should not need to make any adjustments to the file - they are pre-layered with you for ease of use. Once you have the free SVG file added to the canvas, you can send right to your machine and it will sorted by color. You can of course adjust as needed, change the size, color, duplicate and make these SVG files your own.

how to upload free svg files to cricut design space

I am so happy to be adding to my SVG file library and love to see how you use these free images. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or still need help, send me an email via the contact box and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Happy Crafting!

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