How my Cricut craft journey got started.......

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I am a work from home mom with a five year old. He has more energy than I can handle. And I am so lucky to call crafting my job.

I hope that my craft journey inspires you to have your own! Don't be scared to test out the waters in crafting - you will make mistakes and thats ok! I am still doing that myself and pushing myself to learn new techniques from vinyl to etching and more. I continue to learn with each project that I make.

This all started with needing a hobby to offset my anxiety. I decided I wanted to craft and focus myself on something. I rolled through all the thoughts. I'll make t-shirts! I'll make tumblers! I landed on making digital designs and paper crafts. I enjoy creating from scratch and teaching others how to do the same. ​

A cute pineapple box made out of paper topped with a paper hubiscus.


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