DIY Halloween Treat Bags with Cricut + 3 Free SVG Files

Created on:

July 25, 2022

Updated on:

January 20, 2024

Written by Kelsey Sergi
free svg file for halloween - diy halloween treat bags

Spooky Season is approaching! Let's craft some DIY Halloween Treat bags with these three free SVG Files.

These are a quick upload to Cricut Design Space and can be modified for size and use. The three free files include a ghost, a witch hat, and a jack-o-lantern and can be used as treat bags or paper lanterns.

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Download the Free SVG Files

There are three separate SVG files which can be found here or under Halloween SVG Files in the drop down menu. You can find the instructions on how to download and save the free SVG files found on my website here.

Please remember, these free files are for small business commercial use - you can sell the physical products on Etsy or your own website but I ask that the files do not get sold as is for financial gain. Thank you!

Uploading in Cricut Design Space

These files are super simple to set up once you have them uploaded into Cricut Design Space.

uploading free svg files into cricut design space for halloweena

You can start by resizing them - I wanted to have them fit on an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of card stock so I changed the width on all of them to 10.5 inches and makes the bag when completed about 6 inches tall and about 3.5 inches wide. Perfect for a small gift bag of candy!

The next step is to ungroup all of the files. This is so we can change the lines to score lines and reattach, you have to ungroup first to make this work properly within design space.

adding score lines to DIY halloween treat bags

After you have changed all of the lines to score, make sure to go back and re-attach the lines to the appropriate bag. If we skip the attach part, the score lines end up on an empty mat. These score lines are super helpful for the assembly of the bag. Mine came out super light and the next time I make these bags, I may even duplicate the score lines to make them deeper. They show you exactly where to fold so your bag goes together quickly.

attaching score lines to DIY halloween treat bags

Once you have everything attached, we can send to our machines. I cut these out using my Cricut Explore Air 2 and my Scoring Tool.

Materials Needed:

  • Card stock paper - I am using 65-80 lb weight and I love Printworks DIY
  • Glue - I suggest a craft glue like Bearly Arts but you can also use a tape gun. Hot glue may leave some gaps but will also work.
  • Optional: Bone Tool for folding. I love mine but you can also just fold by hand or use a popsicle stick.

Assembling the DIY Halloween Treat Bags

Step One: Fold on the Score Lines

My scoring tool did me dirty on this project, the lines came out so faint and I can't tell you why. I was able to see them but they weren't crisp so I utilized my bone tool to make sharp edges. The paper I am using is relatively thick so these bags turned our pretty sturdy. Take your time folding on all of the lines so that they are "broken in" for lack of a better term.

folding paper with a bone tool - free halloween svg file for cricut

On the bottom of the bag you will see some diagonal folds, don't forget to do these. They are to seal the bottom and you don't want to struggle on those folds. I used used my fingers to pinch along the score lines for the bottom.

folding paper bag- free halloween svg file for cricut

Step Two: Attach the Backing

This technically is an optional step - if you're using these as a paper lantern, you will want to leave these part out or cut this with a vellum paper so it's transparent. Remember: if you are making a paper lantern do not use an actual candle, try these flameless candles here.

If you are making treat bags, this is the time to attach the backing. I am using craft glue to secure this piece, make sure to line it up with the score lines and attach firmly on all the sides. You don't want this piece falling off and all your candy spilling out.

gluing the halloween treat bags diy cricut project

Step Three: Attach the Sides

This is where I suggest a strong hold glue that you trust. I am using my Bearly Arts glue to secure the sides and bottom of this bag. I first attached the sides together with a strip of glue and allowed it to dry fully before moving to the bottom. Do your best to line up the sides evenly and the score lines as well!

gluing the sides of the diy halloween treat bags with ghost theme

Step Four: Fold the Bottom and Seal

The bottom is going to fold like a milk carton. You will push your fingers in on the side to create two triangles.

sealing the bottom of the diy halloween bags made on cricut with free svg files

Next, you will fold down the two triangles and glue the one on top. Be libral with the glue on these flaps! You want these to seal really well since it is the bottom of your bag. This is not the time to be skimpy!

sealing the bottom of the diy halloween bags made on cricut with free svg files

To secure the bottom well, I placed my hand inside and pressed from the outside and the inside so that I knew the flaps were attached. You can add more glue if you see any openings at this point.

sealing the bottom of the diy halloween bags made on cricut with free svg files

Then your bag is complete! These bags lay flat when empty and also have a top fold to be shut completely as well! You can fill them up and then seal with glue at the top if you want to keep them closed! Perfect for a school treat bag! 

finished diy halloween treat bag made on cricut with free svg files

Happy Crafting!

If you have any comments or concerns, send me an email in the contact box and don't forget to join my newsletter for free SVG updates, Cricut Projects and tutorials, tips, tricks, and giveaways!

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