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August 31, 2022

Coffin SVG Free for Halloween DIY Projects

how to make a coffin box with coffin svg free for cricut

You will have the cutest Halloween giveaways with these DIY Coffin Boxes - includes a coffin SVG free for download!

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Materials Needed for the Coffin Box Template

This is a peek-a-boo coffin box so it includes a small window at the top. You can skip the window by using the weld or contour options in Cricut design space. This makes this box even more versatile for all of your crafting needs!

You will definitely need:

You can change out craft glue for tape or hot glue, the seal just may not be as strong compared to many craft glues. I find that hot glue can leave some gaps but you should always utilize what works best for you!

How to Set Up the Free Coffin SVG in Cricut Design Space

Once you have downloaded the coffin SVG for free you can upload it into Cricut Design Space. I immediately resized mine to a width of 10.5 which will give us about a 3 inch wide box. You can resize to however big you would like and have room for on your mat and paper. Just remember to resize the whole project so the lid and base are able to fit. When resizing also make sure that the padlock at the top is locked so that you aren't only changing one side of the project!

how to make a coffin box with coffin svg free for cricut  - cricut design space tutorial

The next step is to ungroup everything in the project. We need to change some items to score line and when we attach, if the project is still grouped it will not attach properly. You will want. to ungroup all of the pieces, so this means three time! One for the whole project than the two separate groups.

Once ungrouped, you can change to score lines - the middle piece in the top group and the top piece in the bottom group.

how to make a coffin box with coffin svg free for cricut  cricut design space tutorial for score lines

Then we need to attach the score lines back to the appropriate box piece. This is why the scoring stylus or wheel is necessary. If you don't have one of those, you can always delete these score lines and fold by hand. Once you have them reattached you can send to your machine! You can click on both pieces you need (the score line and box piece) while holding shift and then hit the paperclip attach button. If you skip this step then your score lines will end up on a blank mat.

how to make a coffin box with coffin svg free for cricut attaching score lines in design space

If you wanted to remove the acetate window, you will want to do so before attaching the top boxes score lines. All you will have to do is grab the top box piece and the acetate blue piece and hit weld. Then you can attach the score lines and send to your machine. Now you have a plain coffin box to use for your project.,

How to Assemble the Coffin SVG File

These are actually fairly quick to put together and very sturdy because they have the double walls. Start by attaching your acetate with craft glue to the top of the box on the inside. There is plenty of lip room around the acetate to attach! My glue dries relatively quickly which is perfect for this type of project. When assembling a 3D SVG you don't want to be waiting for the sides to dry for too long (but you also don't want it to dry so quickly there is no room for error!).

how to make a coffin svg box free for cricut - attaching acetate

Then I went around and folded down on all the score lines and started gluing down the double walls. I tried both ways - one where I did the walls last and one first and the walls being folded and attached first seemed sturdier and cleaner to look at. I used my craft glue and secured the wall down together. When you do this after, it becomes a bit clunky and hard to work with. Your folds may not be as crisp. Folding down second will hide the flaps but overall, I think folding first worked better.

how to make a coffin box with coffin svg free for cricut

Once all my walls were folded, I began to work my way around the box to secure the sides together. Make sure to glue the flaps on the inside of the box for a clean look. It doesn't matter where you start when making your box, I just work my way around. Give your glue enough time to set before moving to the next flap. I also like to use a bone tool for my score lines to make them extra crisp. You can use a popsicle stick to achieve the same effect!

how to make a coffin box with coffin svg free for cricut

You will repeat this same process for the bottom base of the coffin box. The lid is slightly bigger and will slide perfectly over the bottom of the box. You can make these your own by adding sayings or flowers! They are really cute Halloween gift boxes for a party or even cute decor.

You can find more Halloween Gift Bag SVG files here for download to complete your party!

how to make a coffin box with coffin svg free for cricut  finished peek-a-box coffin box

Happy Crafting!

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