Free SVG Files - Commercial Useage

All* of the free SVG Files on are for personal and small business commercial usage. Please read the full information below:

What is allowed with the Free SVG Files:

The free SVG files are meant for small business with 10 employees to make physical items up to 200 - if you need to make more please contact me via the contact box below.

What is NOT allowed with the Free SVG Files:

If a violation is reported or found, our attorney will contact you with initial warning.
If your Etsy shop is warned, we will also report your shop directly to Etsy.

*Note: I have very few trademark SVGs such as Disney SVGs - these are for personal use only and I am not claiming them as my own. Trademark images are owned by the original artist. Please use caution and your discretion when creating items to sell with trademark images.
Any product you are making, please remember to do your own due diligence with copyright infringement. Dinosaur Mama LLC is not responsible for any copyright and trademark notices brought upon you or your business.

By downloading any and all SVG Files or other files from Dinosaur Mama LLC you agree to all things stated above.


Thanks for your interest in Dinosaur Mama.
For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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