Create Your Own Dino World: Free Customizable Shadow Box SVG

Created on:

May 6, 2023

Updated on:

February 8, 2024

Written by Kelsey Sergi
free dinosaur shadow box svg file with personalization aspect in the smoke - plus a free creative fabrica trial

Let's Create a Personalized Dinosaur Shadow Box with a Creative Fabrica Font!

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Creative Fabrica and I have teamed up to bring you a free trial for 10 free items on their site.

This free trial includes:

  • Free access to over 7 million fonts and designs for the first month- commercial license included 
  • 10 download credits for one month; after the 10th download or one month, the free trial converts into an All Access Subscription of $9 per month (normally costs $29 per month) OR you can purchase yearly for $59/year and save more money! 
  • Cancel at anytime, no questions asked!
screen shot of the creative fabrica main page - grab a free trial here

Why do love Creative Fabrica?

I have so many reasons, one - if purchased yearly for $59 a year - that comes out to under $5 a month. I am blown away by the price and the amount of fonts, graphics, classes, and mock ups they provide are insane!

I utilize the fonts the most and with over 125,000 (yes thats THOUSAND) fonts to choose from, I am able to find the font I need to create my SVG files with commercial usage (please read the commercial use information on their site)!

They also provide mock ups - and if you are on an SVG file journey to create your own or a POD journey, mock ups can get EXPENSIVE. Creative Fabrica can provide business owners with mock up for coffee cups to kids clothes to bags and even wall decor. I utilize their mock ups for my website and social media regularly.

creative fabrica free trial - screen shot of their mock ups

The free trial is a great way to dip your toes in the water with Creative Fabrica and I promise you will love it. I have a subscription that I paid my own money with to help continue the success of my business.

How to Download a Creative Fabrica Font

Honestly, you can search for anything on Creative Fabrica and they are going to come back with graphics, fonts, and more on that keyword. So let's search for DINOSAUR.

different dinosaur themed fonts on creative fabrica

I filtered out the fonts on the side bar and started scrolling until I found one I loved. For fonts (not necessarily for graphics) you will need to download and install before opening Inkscape or Cricut Design Space. If you have it open while downloading, the font will not pop up. So save what you are working on and then close and reopen Design Space to see the downloaded font in your list.

dinosaur font on creative fabrica

You will hit download and then open the font on your computer, then install the font to the font book (this may be slightly different on windows). Now you are ready to create.

Using the Creative Fabrica Font on the Shadow Box

Download the Free Dinosaur SVG File

Don't forget to download the Shadow Box SVG File as well - you will find this in my community SVG files which you will need to sign up for my newsletter for the password. This file will be found under Toddler SVG Files about half way down the page.

Join the Dinosaur Mama Community & Grab the Password to Community Files

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Please note: you may not see the full image when you go to download but when you upload to Cricut Design Space you will see all the layers and full image. For community SVG files, there is only a download button not a download now button so follow the instructions accordingly which can be found here for desktop and here for iPad/iPhone.

*Bonus - scroll to the bottom to check out 16 more dino themed free SVG files from my crafty friends!!*

Customizing the Dinosaur SVG File with the Creative Fabrica Font

Start with a text box and type out the name or word you would like to add. Then change the font to the one you downloaded - you can find this under System fonts - from Creative Fabrica, I am using a font called Dinosaur! Which you can see above!

using the font from creative fabrica on a dinosaur shadow box

Next, resize and move the letters to the spacing of your choice and center it along the smoke on the third to last layer.

personalizing a free dinosaur shadowbox svg file

You can cut the letters individually and glue them but I want this project to be layers only so I am going to use the slice feature in Cricut Design Space and then delete the unneeded parts.

slicing feature in cricut design space

I then resize a rectangle to close the gaps and connect the center of my O and E (so any letter that has a center including: D, P, B etc). These need to be connecting rather than floating! I use weld to attach these back together.

welding feature in cricut design space

Finally, I send to be cut on my Cricut!

final cricut design of a free dinosaur shadowbox svg

Materials and Tools

Assembly of Your Dinosaur Shadow Box

layering the free dinosaur themed shadow box svg file

First thing I always suggest is to organize your layers - I work from back to font. Most of the time Cricut is not going to cut your layers in assembly order.

cutting double sided foam tape

Next, work carefully with your foam tape and layer, keep a careful eye on making sure everything is even. Use as much tape as you see fit. The more tape you use, the less sagging you will see!

final dinosaur shaodw box customized with a name in a light wood frame

Place into your shadow box frame when finished!!

Stay Crafty!

If you want to sign up for the free trial for Creative Fabrica, don't forget to save this link! I am so excited to see what you make.


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Kelsey Sergi - the owner and crafter at Dinosaur Mama.

Hi crafters! I'm Kelsey and I am here to bring you new original craft projects and free SVG files for your cutting machines every week!

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