3D Watermelon SVG File | Paper Piggy Bank | Free Cricut Project

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June 13, 2023

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February 8, 2024

Written by Kelsey Sergi

Looking for a cute Watermelon SVG file and free Cricut Project? This Paper Piggy Bank is a winner!

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If you're gearing up for summer like I am then this 3D Watermelon SVG (which is actually a piggy bank) is going to start your sunny season off right. You can definitely contour out this watermelon SVG to exclude the bank part but my plan is to start stuffing it with cash to save for my next vacation! Let's get crafting with this free Cricut project.

a free watermelon svg file for cricut. free cricut project: a paper piggy bank

Materials and Tools Needed

This project is so simple! All you need:

  • Cardstock paper - I am using 80 lb weight in red, green, black, cream and patterned paper but I always leave color choices up to you. Shop paper here!
  • Craft glue - my go to is Bearly Arts for most of my paper craft projects
  • Tweezers or a QuikStick to pick up small pieces so truly this is optional
  • Foam Tape Squares - optional again because you can use glue instead! But I love Cubies from Bearly Arts.

You can create this free Criut project quickly and with such a minimal amount of items, it's fun and also would make a great summer gift if you stuff it full of candy or money!

Download the Free Watermelon SVG

This free Cricut project will be found inside my free community SVG vault under Summer SVGs. Please find the full download directions including a step by step video tutorial here for desktop and here for iPad. Remember to sign up for my newsletter here to receive the password in my welcome email!

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If you're looking for more food SVG files check out my free downloads here and for another free Cricut project for summer don't hesitate to jump on my 3D Pineapple Box with a Paper hibiscus.

Cricut Design Space Set Up

Once you have this uploaded onto your Cricut Design Space canvas, the only thing you need to do is resize. I maxed mine out on 12x12 cardstock which means I resized my whole file to 18.2 inches. You can recolor any pieces you like and cut. I used the medium cardstock setting on fast mode but this will always depend on your machine and blade.

uploading the free watermelon svg to cricut design space

If you want this to be just a 3D watermelon SVG rather than a piggy bank you can use the contour feature on all of the bigger parts and just contour out the rectangle on all three of those layers.

For my free Cricut projects, I have been trying my best to make them upload and go and this watermelon SVG should be super easy to use and assemble!

Assembling the Watermelon SVG

attaching the sides of the free watermelon svg file

I started with the biggest green part, and folded in on all of the score lines. Because I'm using textured paper I made sure to keep that texture on the outside and then I started gluing around the edges.

finishing the free watermelon paper craft center

There's a second piece to the green part that you will connect using your glue as well and make sure to put those flaps on the inside of your box. This takes a little bit of patience but it does adhere really well.

attaching the green details to the paper watermelon

Next, I attached all of my light green squiggles on the "rind" of the watermelon base. There is no rhyme or reason but keep this more on the outside rather than the flat top!

adding on the layers to the watermelon svg file made out of cardstock

Then I folded my cream and red layers and layered these. Use a liberal amount of glue and line up the rectangles to place them on.

adding on the layers to the watermelon svg file made out of cardstock

Finally, add on your seeds randomly on top of the red. This completes your waterlmelon!

adding the paper seeds to the free cricut project

The next step is if you kept the vacation fund layers: start by gluing down the writing onto the first offset.

adding the writing that says vacation fund to the paper piggy bank

Then use glue or foam tape to attach this to the final offset layer. Then attach to your watermelon piggy bank!

final free watermelon svg file - a free cricut project

TADA You are ready to start saving with your DIY Summer Watermelon paper craft!

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Kelsey Sergi - the owner and crafter at Dinosaur Mama.

Hi crafters! I'm Kelsey and I am here to bring you new original craft projects and free SVG files for your cutting machines every week!

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