Summer Paper Craft: DIY Pineapple Box with Free Hibiscus SVG File

Created on:

June 6, 2023

Updated on:

February 8, 2024

Written by Kelsey Sergi

Let's get creative with a Summer paper craft everyone will love: a DIY Pineapple Box with a 3D Hibiscus Flower - both with free SVG Download!

diy pineapple box made on a cricut with a free hibiscus flower svg file

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Summer is here and it's time to throw that first party - give an extra sweet gift with this DIY Pineapple Box and make it extra special by including a 3D Paper Hubiscus Flower.

Mobile users turn your phone or watch the YouTube video here.

Download the Free SVG Files for the Summer Paper Craft

You can find the full download instructions for desktop here and iPad here.

Per my usual, these two: free Hibiscus flower SVG file and the free Pineapple Box SVG file will be found under my community SVG Files - I have a section called Summer SVG Files and both will be available for download there. I have kept these separated to download just in case you wanted to use the hibiscus flower SVG file in any other projects!

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Materials and Tools for the DIY Box and Paper Hibiscus Flower

  • Cardstock paper: I am using an 80 lb weight from Bazzil and you can shop here. I am using yellow, pink, and light green.
  • Craft glue - I am using Bearly Arts and you can shop here and save with code DINOMAMA.
  • Hot Glue - I am using a Surebonder cordless gun
  • Paint - I have a variety of acrylic colors I bought at the Dollar Tree.
  • Paint brushes or sponges
  • Floral wire or thin pliable wire

How to Set Up Cricut Design Space for the DIY Box

cricut design space set up for the diy pineapple box

I have made my free SVG files as easy to upload to Design Space as possible, When you add both to the canvas you will see the box almost maxes out in size with the top being 11.4 inches wide. If you have paper that is longer than 12x12 and you want the box to be larger, you can resize as you need. Just remember to resize the whole SVG file when you do so. There are perforation lines already marked into the file.

resizing the free 3d hibiscus flower svg in cricut design space

The hibiscus flower I resized to about 3.5 inches (you'll have to click on just the flower to see the size).

Next, you can adjust any colors you would like and then sent to your Cricut or other cutting machine. I cut my project out using the Medium Cardstock setting on fast mode.

Assembly of the Free Hibiscus SVG File

I have seen a lot of hibiscus SVG files and paper crafts but I wanted to make mine relatively simple. I started with painting the inside part of my flower with a darker shade of pink. This will obviously depend on the color you use for your paper.

painting a pink paper hibiscus flower center with acrylic paint

I poked a hole in the bottom with a pair of tweezers to add the center in later during assembly.

poking a hole in the center of the paper hibiscus flower with tweezers

Next, I used hot glue to attach the petals towards the bottom.

using hot glue to attach the petals of the paper hibiscus flower to each other

I used my fingers and a bone tool (optional) to fold out the petals slightly to give a "bell" shape to the paper hibiscus.

curling out the petals of the paper hibiscus flower

Using the strip of paper, I wrapped my floral wire with some hot glue so it matched the color of my hibiscus flower. Then I glued on the dots for more detail.

creating the center of the paper hibiscus flower

Finally, I sent through my center gently into that pre-made hole. I used hot glue to hold it into place.

finished diy paper hibiscus with a free svg file for cricut

Assembly of the DIY Pineapple Box SVG File

Both the top and the bottom go together in the same way. For the base you will fold in on all the flaps and attach the side first.

assembling a diy pineapple box made out of card stock paper

Next, glue the flaps that are on the angled pieces to the inside of each other and try to line these up as closely as possible.

assembling a diy pineapple box made out of card stock paper

For the bottom, you will slightly fold the flaps up and then attach this piece on the inside. Allow these panels to dry completely.

For the triangles on the bottom base piece you can optionally fold these out slightly or leave them as is.

assembling a diy pineapple box made out of card stock paper

Then place the hexagon piece on the inside on the bottom and top.

creating the stem of a diy pineapple box made out of cardstock on a cricut with a free svg file download

For the stem of the pineapple, you will start by curling these out on the top and then bending slightly at the bottom in the opposite direction.

gluing the stem of the diy pineapple box

Next, grab the two pieces that are connected (so four leaves total) and attach them at the bottom with glue. I used hot glue to then attach them on the side to each other, over lapping slightly.

gluing the stem of the diy pineapple box

Then i work my way up and attach the additional leaves in between in layers of four.

gluing the stem of the diy pineapple box

I attached the stem to the pineapple base with hot glue, then attached my paper hibiscus flower.

finishing the details on a diy pineapple box made on a cricut

Now, you have a cute DIY Pineapple Box with a Paper Hibiscus - who is ready for a summer party?!

a diy pineapple favor box with a paper hibiscus cut out on a cricut with a free svg file download

Stay Crafty!

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