How to Make and Address an Envelope Using Your Cricut

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April 1, 2022

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January 20, 2024

Written by Kelsey Sergi

You can make your own envelopes on your Cricut and even have the machine address it for you.

two diy envelopes with cricut

Are you spending time making beautiful cards on your Cricut and then using a store bought white envelope? Cricut can do it all for you!

Using my free envelope template and these steps, you can make a special card and then the envelope to go with it. Perfect!

If you are having any trouble - learn how to download and upload all of the free SVG files on my website here.  

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What do you need for this?

  • Obviously a Cricut - any of the machines will be able to do these techniques but the joy will have some trouble sizing wise for the actual envelope
  • Paper - I use 65 lb to 80 lb weight
  • Envelope SVG Template
  • Option One: Cricut Pen - I'm using an Extra Fine .3mm in Purple
  • Option Two: Vinyl or Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Glue - I am using Bearly Arts
  • Optional: Tape roll - you want one that has the ability to keep a protective sheet on it.
  • Optional: Washi Tape

By making your own envelopes, you can add your own flair, use whatever paper you want, and even match it to the theme of the card you made. The options are endless.

First Step:

Change your lines to score lines

free envelope svg in cricut design space

On my file, you might see a black rectangle in the center. We want to change this from basic cut to score and then attach back to the base, this will make folding the flaps a lot easier for you and they will also be straight.

free envelope svg in cricut design space
free envelope svg in cricut design space

Next, size your envelope!

You want to bring out a square from the shapes option and unlock it. Size it to the size of your card when it is closed. I am going to use a 4x6 inch card for an example. If the card is larger you may need longer paper and a longer mat.

free envelope svg in cricut design space

Now we want to unlock our envelope and size it around this shape. Don't make it too snug where you have no wiggle room and don't make it too large where it's slipping around.

free envelope svg in cricut design space

Once you have it sized around your card size we can delete that reference rectangle and focus on addressing the envelope.

free envelope svg in cricut design space

I added in this sending you love SVG to give a personal touch. I resized it to fit on the top fold over.

How to Address the Envelope with Cricut:

Option one: Cricut Pens

I have a collection of these and I wish I used them more but there are some limits. Not all fonts look good with the writing option turned on and not all pens are the same. I am on the search for some free monoline fonts - even these can be limiting. The one I am using today is called Christmas Wish and you can find it on Check out this post about where to find some more fonts for your machine and this post for over 15 free monoline type fonts.

free envelope svg in cricut design space being addressed

Once you have your text typed out, you can change it to pen (check out how the different pen styles change the writing!) If you use a 1mm pen vs a .3mm pen you will see that the writing might not work, definitely check this before sending to your machine.

Make sure to center and and align where you want your font to be and then attach to the envelope. This is important, if you skip this step, your writing will go to a different mat.

free envelope svg in cricut design space being addressed

Once it is cut this one is super fast to put together!

purple diy envelope free template

The pen did all the heavy lifting for me - it wrote beautifully onto my paper and took less than a minute to create.

cricut pen writing on a diy envelope svg

Discoloration with Heat Transfer Vinyl on Paper

diy purple envelope with cricut

This was unusual for me - I added a HTV extra on the envelope (you can find the file here) and did my usual 10 seconds of heating.

diy free envelope svg

The paper turned a lighter purple (I actually kind of like the two tone) but I had never seen it before.

Glue the Sides

cute diy envelope free svg template

Don't over-do it with glue, you don't want it oozing inside the envelope and sealing it to where your card doesn't fit. You can always add more if you need.

Double Sided Tape

cute diy envelope free svg template

This is my first option for closing your envelope. If you are making these for future use or to sell with your cards, this is the ideal option. You want a tape where you can keep the protective layer on one side so the user can peel and stick when they are ready.

The Final Result

cute diy envelope free svg template
cute diy envelope free svg template

The discoloration seems to have gone away a little (SO WEIRD) but over all the Cricut pens did an awesome job and were quick to use.

Option two: Vinyl or Heat Transfer Vinyl

For this you can use really any font you want! Just remember to weld if you are using a script font, that way the words cut together rather than each individual letter. I am using Waltograph from dafont.

diy envelope in cricut design space

I will always choose HTV over vinyl, just in terms of ease of use (this time my vinyl didn't cut all the way through and it wasn't as easy as I would have liked.) Always check your settings and clean your blades! And make sure if you use HTV you mirror your image! This is easily forgotten but luckily Cricut has put in a reminder when you click on iron on materials.

mirroring vinyl in cricut design space

Weed Your Address

weeding vinyl for diy envelope

This is the most time consuming part of the process because your address is typically going to be small and depending on the font you chose, it could mean a lot of weeding and small bits. Keep this in mind when choosing your font and the type of vinyl.

Press it on

using htv on diy envelope

I used my heat press again for about 10 seconds with NO discoloration here. The foil vinyl adhered super easily and came out so pretty on this turquoise paper.

Seal the Envelope

washi tape on diy envelope

I used washi tape (bearly arts has some great ones) this time. I love adding an extra pop of color with the washi tape but my suggestion is to also glue the envelope shut for extra protection especially if you are mailing this!

The Final Result

cute diy envelope free svg template

I love the foil option for the address, it looks so classy and would be awesome for invitations if you have the patience for all the weeding. You can also use the Cricut foil tool but I have not invested in this yet.

So which way is better?

Pros of Cricut Pens:

  • No weeding
  • Looks "hand written"
  • Quick

Cons of Cricut Pens:

  • Limited fonts
  • Limited colors
  • Pens can smudge!

Pros of Vinyl:

  • Unlimited font choices
  • More variety of vinyl colors and prints

Cons of Vinyl:

  • Weeding is time consuming
  • Having to use heat or transfer tape

Which method will you use on your envelopes?

Happy Crafting!

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