How to Make Cricut Magnets - Free Pumpkin Spice SVG For Fall

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September 1, 2022

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January 20, 2024

Written by Kelsey Sergi

How to make a Magnet with your Cricut - fast and easy!

You can make magnets out of almost any SVG file that you have. You can grab any of the free SVGs from my library to make a magnet. Today we will be working with the Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice SVG File for fall to create our magnet.

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What Do I need to make a Cricut Magnet?

You can make a magnet with the Cricut Maker Machines and Cricut Explore Machines - unfortunately the Cricut Joy machine is not going to be able to cut through the magnet sheets. However, you can cut a stencil and hand cut these sheets if you still want to make a magnet!

We will be building a layered magnet (you can also make print and cut magnets) out of cardstock paper. The materials you will need are:

  • Magnet Sheets - I love the ones with adhesive backing - this isn't 100% necessary but it is helpful! You can grab a pack here.
  • Cardstock paper - I am using PrintWorks DIY in solid and in glitter.
  • Glue - I am going to use Bearly Arts and this link and code DINOMAMA save you 10%

These don't require a ton of supplies! I am also going to be using my Hobby Captain tweezers - I love their vinyl weeding pack and use their tools regularly for all my crafting.

How to Cut the Magnet Sheets

These are simple to cut - really it doesn't take a lot of extra steps. I uploaded the free pumpkin spice SVG file to my Cricut Design space and added an offset. This is going to give you background layer for the magnet sheet and a base. This is an important step if your SVG file isn't all connected.

how to set up a cricut magnet in cricut design space

I doubled my offset so that I can cut one in glitter paper and one from the magnet. You can also just do this together by placing your first layer of paper on the adhesive magnet sheet and cutting them together in one step.

how to set up a cricut magnet in cricut design space

I made the mistake of making my magnet too large.... but this is how we learn! So, remember to check your magnet sheet sizes. Mine are 6 inches by 4 inches and so I should have sized it to about 5.5 by 3.785 for it to fit on the sheet. I ended up having to piece things together and I don't recommend that!

how to set up a cricut magnet in cricut design space

When I was ready to cut, I made sure to have a different color selected for the back offset for the magnet and I used the magnet sheet .5 mm. For the original maker I use a fine point blade, however for the Maker 3 it seems to need a deep point. I am surprised to see this change as my Maker cuts these sheets beautifully! I always suggest doing test cuts when testing new materials.

When cutting the magnet sheets, put the adhesive side up and I use a fresh standard grip mat.

Assembling Our Cricut Magnets

peeling the adhesive off of a cricut magnet

Once you have everything cut - we can build our magnets. start with my base layer and peel off the adhesive sheet and attach the back layer on. For me this is my glitter gold layer.

building a cricut magnet with free svg file

Then I started building all my lettering and my pumpkin spice latte. Some of the vines with very thin but I made them work! I always suggest laying everything out before gluing down any of your pieces, You don't want to glue down the wrong layers and have to re-do the whole project!

finishing the cricut magnet

I love to use my tweezers when layering all of my wording and smaller pieces so that I get the most coverage with my glue. You can also cut these smaller pieces out with vinyl or HTV if you prefer. I love using HTV in my paper crafts and you can read all about that here.

halloween minnie mouse cricut magnet

You can make shaped magnet with these steps - I have created a print and cut pride flag, a faceless portrait, and even Halloween Minnie Mouse with these same steps.

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Happy Crafting!

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