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March 31, 2023

Let's Use Paper & Heat Transfer Vinyl on Cricut Projects

Heat Transfer Vinyl doesn't just have to be for T-shirts. You can use Heat Transfer Vinyl on your Cricut paper projects too!

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How do you use heat transfer vinyl on paper and why?

My new obsession is paper and HTV. They layer together beautifully and the vinyl is so easy to weed. I highly suggest using HTV on paper projects that have a thin font or a considerable amount of spaces. Weeding is so much easier than with traditional vinyl, making it faster for your to create awesome detail. Just remember to mirror.

Which Heat Transfer Vinyl to Use?

I have tried many different vinyls - my favorites right now are Cricut foil iron on found here:

As for matte iron on, I have Cricut brand which works great but I also have a stockpile of JANDJPACKAGING which is excellent in my opinion! Shop it here:

They have a great variety of colors and the price is so budget friendly.

I also love Poli-Tape USA! They have an insane color catalogue that they are continually adding to. Their glitter vinyl is easy to weed and comes in a ton of colors!

As for projects where I have used this (I use this technique often), it is just super easy.

You can watch my Mickey Countdown tutorial. This is a FREE SVG file for you now!

If you are having any trouble - learn how to download and upload all of the free SVG files on my website here.

I used Cricut iron on in white for this project and my Cricut Mini Easy Press on the lowest setting. You don't need a ton of heat for this at all! I press with gentle pressure for only about 10 seconds for a good adhere and then let it cool COMPLETELY before removing the plastic overlay.

sugar skull card with foil heat transfer vinyl
Gold Iron on Foil on Black Paper

This free SVG file - Sugar Skull card just pops with the vinyl on the black paper and with all the details it was surprisingly easy to weed out! I have to mention on this sugar skull - the flowers I used Foil Adhesive vinyl and comparatively for ease it is night and day! The adhesive vinyl is beautiful but transferring it is the issue. I will continue to perfect this and report back but this stuff just would not adhere to my transfer tape at all!

Overall, I am a heat transfer vinyl fan and whenever I can use it for details, I will!

Valentines Day Shaker - Learn to Make Your Own SVG

I hope you take this and try some HTV on your own paper crafts and make sure to tag me so I can see what you create!

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Happy crafting!

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