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May 13, 2023

How to Make a Pop Up Card For Beginners on Cricut (With Pictures)

DIY Pop Up Cards are easier than you think!

inside of a spring pop up card - free svg file

You don't always have to start big with grand designs - I like to start small and work my way up. 3D paper crafts are always intimidating but they don't have to be when you start with a simpler design. I have included a FREE Pop Up Card SVG Template for you to dip your toes into card making.

If you are having any trouble - learn how to download and upload all of the free SVG files on my website here.

*This post includes affiliate links that help make me a small commission*

Since the making of this blog post I have created a system to make your own pop up SVG files in inkscape - you can find the full blog post here or watch the YouTube tutorial below!

Basics of Pop Up Cards


SVG Files and Templates:

Free templates are hard to find! Free SVGs can be too - I have some available and exclusives like this one if you sign up for my newsletter here.

As for pop up cards - you can check out Etsy for some unique ones ranging from simple to crazy cool or even Bearly Arts has some available on their website.

You can find this Spring Pop Up Card SVG file for FREE here.

DIY -ing a 3D Pop Up card has been trial and error for me.

The biggest thing to look at when making a pop up is you don't want it to stick out the sides. To trouble shoot this it can be as easy as moving the item down slightly or folding the image again (as long as it doesn't distort it).

Try and try again with crafting, I think you grow when you mess up, even if it takes 2-3 times of the same mess up. You will eventually get something to click.

Making the Pop Up Card on Cricut

Once you upload the file to your Cricut Design Space you only have to change the middle lines to score and reattach. I sized my card to be about 5x5 when folded.

Cricut Design space has been adding more cards into their paid Access files - I was subscribed and stopped because I wasn't utilizing the files enough. You can check theirs out for more ideas and even attempt to make your own in inkscape which you can learn about here.

Building the Card

Delicate Fonts and Details

HTV vinyl on glitter paper for cricut

I love to use HTV (heat transfer vinyl) for my delicate fonts and details. I find it easier to weed and there is less chance of ripping. You can read more about how I use it here.

I use my mini heat press on the lowest setting and press for about 10 seconds. Just remember to let the paper and vinyl cool completely before removing.

This template would also work great as a Mothers Day Card, just delete the words I included and add some loving sentiments to mom.

paper flower svg or spring card r mothers day card

For the flowers, I assembled them first and then attached to the back of the grass.

Test your spacing before you glue down. Measure twice and cut once can also apply in crafting!

The Inside of the Pop Up Card

inside of free spring pop up card svg

Trial and Error

Like I said - you have to trouble shoot these sometimes. They aren't always going to be perfect the first time (I feel this way towards crafting in general)

I initially thought it would be one fold down the middle - alas I had to fold in an accordion style so that the flowers fit inside the card and didn't hang off the edge.

mistake on a d pop up card

This is what we want to avoid!

You can see the inside peaking out - so we need to make that accordion fold seen above.

inside of spring pop up card svg

Now everything should close beautifully and you can attach this inside piece to your outer card!

If your card stock is heavy and the flowers are falling over - try to connect them together so they support each other!

The Final Results

outside of the spring pop up card

Outside of the card. I used glitter paper and foam tape to add a little depth.

The black HTV peeled beautifully for this delicate font.

inside of the spring pop up card svg file free

The inside of the card turned out super cute and only took a little bit of glue and HTV.

While you're practicing these it could also help to mark with a pencil where you want to put the ends so you don't end up with torn paper and glue residue.

This beginner pop up card tutorial and file are a great place to start when paper crafting! I can't wait to see what you make!

Happy crafting!

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