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July 26, 2022

Cricut Fonts & Where to Find Them (for Free)

Where can you find fonts?

There are endless numbers of websites offering fonts so lets cover some of the ones I use and some of the most popular!

Plenty of fonts are included in Cricut All Access but sometimes it's not what you're looking for! Let's start by font searching:

What the Font

What the Font is a great site to search for the fonts you love with just a picture. Have you been wondering what font someone used on their website. You can upload the picture here and What the Font will give you options for downloads.

I uploaded one of my projects.

What the Font will search for you and give you options (sometimes they are exact matches and sometimes they are similar):

These fonts aren't free. Most of them come with licensing fees. These can range from $1-100 - (yes some are pricey). Please make sure to read licensing agreements. These are important for both physical items and for using these fonts on websites or digital designs.

Where can I find free fonts?

These are my favorite two sites for fonts: FontSquirrel and DaFont

Font squirrel has a great number of FREE fonts that are for Commercial use - so that means you can pop it on a T-Shirt and sell it or use it in an SVG desgin! Woo!

They have fonts you can directly download from them as well as some you have to move to another site for download (still free).

DaFont is another great option for free fonts but these are not all for commercial use - only personal. Some may have free licensing but do your research and read.

It will tell you here its for personal use and if you click on the font itself:

It will direct you to where to purchase the license - this one for example is $79 for 5 computers, 1 user, and unlimited projects.

Trademark Fonts

This subject always sends shivers up my back - but all joking aside sometimes you need a font from a movie - DaFont is the place to go

Star Wars Font
Disney Font

Just remember, these are trademarked usually from the original movie or company (George Lucas & Disney) so if you want to use these in things you sell - just be careful! (OK Mama rant is over)

Some other great font sites:

These come with a fee (mostly small!) and have awesome options:

CreativeFabrica has great deals on SUPER cute fonts and bundles and they include commercial licensing.

Creative Market also has a huge amount of fonts for purchase and they also include licenses! (Just check per purchase)

Makers Gonna Learn is another awesome site that MOSTLY requires a subscription but they have a great commercial license agreement!

Once Downloaded

So, how do you use these?

Once you downloaded and installed the font according to your computer - open your design space and your fonts should be in the system. If you download while the application is open they won't show up. You will have to close it out and reopen after download.

There are so many options for fonts and they can really make projects so unique! Have fun downloading!
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