DIY Money Gift Box with Free Circle Box SVG Template

Created on:

July 9, 2022

Updated on:

January 20, 2024

Written by Kelsey Sergi
diy pull money gift box with free svg file for cricut

How to make a Circular Money Gift Box with your Cricut Machine and this Free SVG Template

Money truly is the perfect gift for a birthday or celebration but just handing cash in an envelope can be a bit of a snooze. This free box SVG is a fun way to give a money gift and will guarantee a wow from your gift-getter! This box is very customizable in color and patterns - you are able to tailor the box SVG to whoever is lucky enough to get it!

The Free SVG Template Design

Please remember: these free SVG templates are for commercial use for small businesses. You are able to download them and sell them as a physical product. I ask that all the SVGs on this website not be sold digitally for your profit.

If you are having any trouble - learn how to download and upload all of the free SVG files on my website here.  

When downloading the SVG, make sure when the new webpage pops open, you right click and save the file to your desktop, you can then upload to Cricut Design Space and start crafting.

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Materials Needed for Your Circle Box

  • Cardstock paper - I suggest a thicker weight like 80lb+ but you can use whatever you have
  • Glue - hot glue or craft glue will work
  • Washi tape or clear tape
  • Money or whatever paper insert you are choosing - I sized this to be compatible with the United States Dollar
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl - optional
  • Heat Press - optional
  • Heat Mat - optional

Cricut Design Space Set Up for the Template

This template is basically good to go in terms of Design Space - we need to make a few adjustments in size and add in our score lines for ease of use.

When sizing the SVG file you want one of the light gray circles to end up at 3 inches. For the total SVG I resized to a height of 16.5 then I checked the size of the top circle. This showed 3.009 inches (which is close enough!). At this size, the box will be 3 inches in diameter so it is a very good size, bigger than a toilet paper roll, and can hold a lot of money.

diy money pull box svg template for cricut - how to upload to Cricut Design Space

Next is to change our lines to score lines. If you do not have a scoring stylus or wheel then you need to hide or delete these lines. If you have the tools then change these to score lines and make sure to attach them back to the appropriate pieces. If you do not attach then the score lines will just score a random mat.

diy money pull box svg template for cricut - how to upload to Cricut Design Space

Once you have these two changes done, technically you can send to your Cricut machine and be on your way to building. However, I opted to add on a "Pull Me" text box and cut this out with Heat Transfer Vinyl.

I also played around with my colors and settled on all black - not sure why but I liked the way the rose gold vinyl looked with the all black box. You can also change the top and bottom to different colors or patterns and the pull tabs as well. This SVG file is really customizable as I mentioned before.

diy money pull box svg template for cricut - how to upload to Cricut Design Space

Assembling Your DIY Money Box

These are quick to assemble but may take some patience! The top and bottom are assembled in the same way.

I started by folding on all the score lines to make sure my pieces were easy to work with. I don't want to be folding later on when it might be difficult to reach.

folding on the score lines for a diy money box project with cricut

I then attached the two sides together. Do not worry if the bottom box pieces have a wonky shape at first, once the lid is placed on it makes a beautiful circle.

attaching the sides of a diy money box with craft glue

Once this part is dry I decided to insert the first circle inside (there are two circles for the top and two for the bottom. I then glued around the flaps and used my fingers to secure the inside circle to the flaps. The best way to describe this is that once I had the circle inserted I flipped in and stuck my hand inside so that I could push on the table to stick the flaps to the other side. It looks a little silly but it worked really well!

pushing down the inside insert to make a circular box.

Once the inside circle as attached, I glued down the outside circle, this reinforces the box really nicely and makes crisp seams. Once both circles are on each side of the flaps you can press from both sides to make sure it is nice and secure.

attaching the bottom piece of a diy circular box svg template

I repeated this process for the top (which was easier than the bottom) and moved onto my money and pull tab. I used heat transfer vinyl by Poli-Tape and my heat press on low for about 15 seconds to adhere. You can use paper, vinyl or even Cricut pens for this.

using heat transfer vinyl on paper for a diy money box

I decided to work with washi tape to attach all of my money together - my thinking is that it is easier to remove however, it doesn't stick super well. You can definitely work with regular clear tape but I would maybe give a disclaimer to the receiver that they should gently remove the tape to keep from ripping the money. I also used tape on both sides of the money chain.

diy money box - attaching the money together

When making the money spool make sure to attach the single rectangle to the end. If you are going from the lowest denomination to highest this is good to keep in mind. Do not attach the pull tab yet or you will have to bend it to get it through the slot.

attaching the end bar to a diy money box

Once you have all the bills connected without the pull tab, you can roll it up and place it into the box, feeding the end through the rectangle slit on the side. This is when I attached my pull tab. Make sure to test which way you want the bills facing and the pull tab before you finalize any attachments (which is another reason I used washi tape!)

attaching the pull tab to the diy money box

I placed my lid back onto my box and you can either glue this down or use some double sides tape to keep it secure inside.

You can also tape down the pull tab so that money doesn't start pouring out before they receive their gift!

Adding a bow would be an excellent addition as well and these boxes have so many possibilities!

diy pull money box made with cricut free svg file template

Don't forget to tag me on any socials if you make the box!

Happy Crafting

Kelsey Sergi - the owner and crafter at Dinosaur Mama.

Hi crafters! I'm Kelsey and I am here to bring you new original craft projects and free SVG files for your cutting machines every week!

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