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March 19, 2024

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March 28, 2024

Written by Kelsey Sergi

Let's Make a set of easy DIY Coasters with Dollar Tree Supplies.

Easy DIY Coasters made from Dollar Tree Supplies.

That's right, we are going to make four coasters for under 5 dollars and they are the easiest craft you may ever make. Now, I will show you how to cut out your backing on a Cricut machine, but the best part is you can make your own coasters simply with scissors. Truly, everything except for the hot glue gun can come from the Dollar Tree! This is a fun way to make some great homemade gifts or add something handmade into your own home.

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Materials and Tools Needed

Again, everything I am using outside my hot glue gun is from the Dollar Tree and I swear they even use to sell the gun but I can't locate it online anymore. There are so many beautiful DIY coaster ideas out there today, I wanted to make a simple DIY project with only a few steps that anyone could make with minimal supplies. I had seen a bunch of these rope coasters on Instagram (so many people added ears to them for Easter) and had to try them out for myself.

  • ​Rope - I am using the nautical rope in white, they also have it in a brown color.
  • Burlap sheet - you can opt for a cork backing or a felt pad for the back which both can be found at the Dollar Tree
  • Hot glue gun and sticks - they sell the sticks at the Dollar Tree! Just need to grab a glue gun if you do not have one
  • Brushes or sponge brush
  • Mod Podge or Makers Magic - this can be optional but it is a great way to waterproof your homemade coasters.
  • Cricut or scissors for shaping the backing of your coaster - I think technically you can also skip this step and just glue them but I think it adds a little bit more security from unraveling.

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Cricut Set Up (Optional)

If you are opting to use your Cricut, then you will start here. I ended up using a standard grip mat (which will now be designated for fabric) and my rotary blade which means I used my Cricut Maker. Now, you can try out the bonded fabric blade but I did not test this so I don't want to say this will work 100%. This will also completely depend on what you ended up using for your backing.

Setting up your Cricut Maker to cut burlap for DIY Coasters

If you went with the burlap, there is a setting for that and my rotary blade cut it out beautifully. For sizing, I made my backing rounds 3.5 inches and with that one sheet of burlap (18 in x 21 in) from the Dollar Tree you could cut out up to about 20 coasters which is amazing!! They have the burlap in all different colors as well but I really liked this stripped blue and turquoise. You can also do the same with a felt backing which may make it a bit more stable and not as slippery on your table tops.

I ended up cutting my sheet up burlap down and using my brayer and painters tape to really adhere my burlap to my mat and I am not going to lie, I was scared about it jamming but it cut really nicely.

A pink Cricut Maker cutting a sheet of striped burlap.

This is an easy project, you do not need to have a cutting machine for it. If you are opting to use scissors, I suggest cutting your burlap down last, making the coaster, adhering the burlap to the back and cutting around the edges. You could also use a stencil, a circle cutter, or a cookie cutter to mark a circle and cut it out that way. Either way any cutting tool will do for your backing as long as you can make a circle!

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Wrapping the Rope

​The rope from the Dollar Tree can make up to about 6 coasters from one piece which Is pretty good for $1.25. The first thing I did was take the plastic tape off the end of the rope. Make sure to not let this drop loose because it will start to unravel and there will be loose strings everywhere. It's a good idea to hold onto it until you glue it onto itself.

Rolling Up Dollar Tree Rope for a DIY Coaster

I let my hot glue gun heat up and then started rolling in to the middle. Please be careful while doing this because although this is a simple tutorial, it's dangerous... You don't want to burn yourself and I swear my hot glue gun must be about 500 degrees.

As you keep winding your DIY coasters in, you will continue to add hot glue all along the edge. Try not to go overboard with the hot glue because it will seep out the sides of the rope. Keep rolling and gluing. ​

Rolling and Sizing our DIY Coasters made from Dollar Tree Supplies..

Once they hit the 3.5 inches or slightly bigger we can trim the ends of the rope with our scissors and do our best to glue the end down to keep the circle shape. Don't worry about fly away strings because we will cover these with a little mod podge.

Cutting and securing down the end of the rope that has been rolled to create a DIY Coaster.

Next, you will glue on your backing to your DIY drink coasters. There are so many ways to make these unique with colors, wood, felt, HTV. You can make cute custom coasters for easy DIY gifts and its just such a fun project.

Gluing our burlap onto the back of our DIY coaster.

'Waterproofing' Your Coaster

Finally, you are going to want to seal your DIY coasters. Now, I kind of think you could skip this but I guess if drinking something like coffee out of a hot mug, you might want this layer of protectant on it. I used a newer product called Makers Magic which is a competitor of Mod Podge. You will put a coat of Mod Podge or the makers magic onto the coasters, I used a paint brush to start but found it easier to apply with the sponge brush. The layer of Mod Podge (or Makers Magic) then becomes more like a soak and goes into the fibers of the rope. I do have to say it's a clear coat but it did change the color of my rope ever so slightly, just kind of looks like its wet.

Adding a layer of mod podge to our DIY coaster to waterproof it.

Make sure to soak the edge of the coaster as well to seal it in on all sides. This should give it a waterproof finish and protect it from spills, but I don't believe it to be 100% perfect, at least its a little preventative for our DIY coasters.

I attempted to make one will fringe on the edge and it was just an epic fail, I may have to come back and try again with it.

These are such cute coasters with a bohemian style and will make a great gift for anyone moving into a new home or even if your just looking for a simple project to do these are perfect.

The finished DIY Coasters from Dollar Tree Supplies.

You can also attach the rope to wood slices, make cork coasters with the base for your coffee table, or spray paint them for a personal touch. I am all for a simple easy craft and making my own DIY coasters has actually been something on my list for a little while. It's also nice every once in a while to pop out an easy tutorial that all crafters can make that doesn't necessarily need a cutting machine.

I can't wait to see your coaster projects from all the different materials you choose and colors you pick!! This was the first time in a long time I haven't made something out of paper! It was a lot of fun and sometimes a change is good for a crafter. We tend to get sucked into one medium and forget how many fun projects there are out there for us.

Stay Crafty!

Kelsey Sergi - the owner and crafter at Dinosaur Mama.

Hi crafters! I'm Kelsey and I am here to bring you new original craft projects and free SVG files for your cutting machines every week!

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