Cricut Valentine's Day Idea: Paper House Village [Free 3D SVG]

Created on:

February 1, 2023

Updated on:

February 8, 2024

Written by Kelsey Sergi

With Valentine's Day only 2 weeks away, let's make a Paper House Village with our Cricut Machines.

Cricut valentine's day idea: paper house village with 3 free 3d svg files for cricut

Cricut Valentine's Day projects are so much fun - here are 14 more Cricut Valentine's Day Ideas for you to create some fun crafts.

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Materials and Tools Needed

First, let's start with the free SVG files you will need to create these DIY Valentine's Paper Houses. You can find them under community SVG files and you will need to sign up for my news letter to receive the password. You can sign up here or at the bottom of this page!

For this project you will need:

  • A Cricut Machine or similar - the SVG Files are usable for any machine if you have the proper software.
  • Card stock paper - I am using Bazzil textured card and you can shop at 12x12 Cardstock Shop and use code KELSS53 to save!
  • Craft Glue - as always I love Bearly Arts and you can save with code DINOMAMA
  • Hot Glue Gun - I am using a SureBonder cordless glue gun and you can shop here.

Full Tutorial Video

If you prefer to listen and craft along, you can watch the full tutorial below. Don't forget to subscribe to help keep me crafting!

Mobile users turn your phone or watch the YouTube video here.

Cricut Design Space Set Up

setting up free 3d svg files for cricut to make diy valentine's day decor

Once you have downloaded all the free SVG files, you will want to upload them into Cricut Design Space. If you need help downloading and uploading anything to your device, check out my tutorial here. The first thing you will want to do is ungroup each house. Next is to grab all those included score lines and change the setting to score or delete them if you do not have access to a Scoring Stylus or Scoring Wheel. When using the scoring function within Cricut Design Space make sure to go back and use the attach feature to place the score line back to the piece that needs to be scored.

setting up free 3d svg files for cricut to make diy valentine's day decor

Next, I went through and changed my colors to be more Valentine's Day themed. I also added a heart with an inset. To use the inset feature on Cricut Design Space, you can drag the bar to the left or add a negative to the size.

setting up free 3d svg files for cricut to make diy valentine's day decor

I created a sheet of shingles with a heart shape for my roof. You can duplicate a heart rotated to 90 degrees and weld them together in any pattern you choose. I wanted to make this paper village as festive for Valentine's Day as possible. I also created a small offset around the heart shingles and then using the slice tool, I sized both the heart shingles and the offset to match the rood size. I did not want anything hanging off the edges.

setting up free 3d svg files for cricut to make diy valentine's day decor

When using slice make sure to delete any extra parts you may not be using. Once everything was ready, I sized my houses to max out my 12x12 cardstock. You can do this by sizing to 11.5 inches. Make sure to size the roof and the house together. I cut everything out on my Cricut machine on the medium cardstock setting or glitter cardstock setting on fast mode with the scoring stylus. I prefer the scoring stylus to the wheel just for ease - you don't have to switch the stylus and blade like you do with the wheel.

Assembly of the Paper House Village

All three houses have the same steps for assembly and depending on what decor you added, you will attach those as you make them on design space. My shingle roof I layered with glue before attaching and the inset heart I glued on after the house was assembled but the roof was not attached.

cricut diy valentine's day project- using a bone tool to fold on the score lines

Start by folding on all the score lines, here I am using a bone tool but you can just use your fingers or a popsicle stick. I just wanted the sharpest edges I could get!

gluing together a diy cricut valentine's day project with free svg files

On the edge where we will attach all four sides, I used some craft glue and glued this flap on the inside. Make sure to line up the edge and the bottom as close together as possible. You don't want your house to look lopsided.

hot gluing the roof on a paper house free svg file for cricut

For the roof I highly suggest using hot glue. You will want to put a strip on the side close to the top on the edge. Then place the folded roof on as centered as possible. Repeat for the other side.

making a paper chimney with cricut

For the paper house with the chimney you will want to make the chimney in the same way you made the base of the house with craft glue. Keep that flap on the inside. Then using hot glue on the inside edges of the chimney on the slanted side you will attach to the top of the roof.

gluing on the paper chimney with Cricut

These houses are super cute and totally customizable to your needs. I love having them in the entryway to my house as extra DIY Valentine's Decor.

paper houses made on cricut with free svg files for valentine's day

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Happy Crafting!

Kelsey Sergi - the owner and crafter at Dinosaur Mama.

Hi crafters! I'm Kelsey and I am here to bring you new original craft projects and free SVG files for your cutting machines every week!

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