What are the New Cricut Design Space Updates for March 2023

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March 11, 2023

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February 8, 2024

Written by Kelsey Sergi

Everyone is talking about the new Cricut Design Space update with the ability of larger Print and Cut plus warped text. So, how do you gain these features and should you make the switch?

As of March 2023 the current Beta version has updates that you may be eying - but switching to Beta could mean glitches and bugs for your machine. I will walk you through my experience switching to Beta.

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What is the Beta Version of Cricut Design Space?

When Cricut is testing out new features they run it on their Beta program - this is available to the public but honestly it should come with a bit more of a warning. You can access the Beta version of Cricut Design Space by going to your hamburger menu and then settings. There will be a toggle where you can click to Beta. Now, this screen gives you no information on what the Beta version of Cricut Design Space is and will immediately start an update when you press ok. The only warning you will receive is that the program will need to restart so you should save all of your designs.

cricut design space update march 2023

Currently, the Beta version of Cricut Design Space has TWO major updates. One: larger print and cut sizes are available and warped text. So let's jump into these.

Warped Text in Cricut Design Space Update

warp text in cricut design space

Cricut is trying to keep up with the times so to speak and everyone is using warped text right now in their designs. So, they are adding in the feature but with a cost. You must be a Cricut Access member to utilize this function. What that means is unless you're paying that $10 a month, you aren't warping text. Here's my secret: you can do it for free in inkscape. Plus, they are giving you preset warps, you can't manually maneuver the text yourself. I don't love this as the presets don't really work with all text options and it gives you limited creativity. For me, this option is a no go from the start because as you know, if you read my blog or watch my videos I do not want to pay for Cricut Access, I would rather use that $10 on supplies! I create all my own SVGs for free on inkscape and share them here! Plus I teach you how to create your own SVG files!!

warp text in cricut design space

Larger Print and Cut Area for Cricut Design Space

Live Version:

cricut design space live version print and cut sizes

First thing to consider before switching to the Beta Update of Cricut Design Space for the larger print and cut area is what size does your printer max out at. Now, most standard printers stay around a max width of 8.5 and some may have a longer max length but I think I end up staying arounf 11 inches mainly because of the paper I have on hand.

print and cut on cricut design space

On the live current update of Cricut Design Space you have two paper size options: 8.5x11 which is standard letter size and A4 which is 8.3x11.7 inches. You can utilize almost the whole sheet simply by moving the images around.

Beta Version:

beta cricut design space print and cut sizes

The beta version of print and cut in Cricut Design Space is going to give you five print size options: the two above plus legal 8.5 x 14 inches and then two wider options: 11x17 (tabloid) and 11.7x16.5 (A3). Which is AMAZING if you have a printer that is capable of printing that wide. But here is my biggest downfall, after I switched over to Beta my print and cut was not aligned. I ended up calibrating two or three times before calling it a night because I was getting so frustrated.

print and cut in cricut design space

Final Cricut Design Space Update Thoughts

I ended up switching back to the current Live Cricut Design Space update and calibrated again but honestly, it's still not perfect and I regret switching. This is solely my opinion and if you think the larger print and cut area will benefit you, then rock on and switch! As for the warp text, they need to reconsider this as an Access only feature, it's no more impressive than curve and should be available to all users.

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Stay Crafty!

Kelsey Sergi - the owner and crafter at Dinosaur Mama.

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