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June 21, 2024

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July 18, 2024

Written by Kelsey Sergi

​It's almost the end of June, let's make the flower of the month: a paper rose with free SVG template.

We’re already in the sixth month of the year and this marks our seventh flower creation. For May, we crafted two flowers, the Hawthorne and the Lily of the Valley, but this month we’ll focus solely on the rose. I hope you have been enjoying making these beautiful paper flowers with me this year, they have been the most fun DIY project I have done so far (if we count the series as one project...)

Close-up of a handmade paper rose in vibrant red.

I’ve been a bit absent recently due to a stint in the ER and my son falling ill. Balancing full-time crafting and content creation over the summer, without my son being in camp or school, has been challenging. I’ve fallen behind, but I’m here now and eager to get back to crafting with you. I apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience. I’m looking forward to being back in full force by August.

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Downloading the Free SVG File

You can find my free SVG files all over my website, the free template for the June Rose SVG file will be under the community vault and you can sign up for the password below by signing up for my newsletter. For download instructions for desktop or Chrome please find those here there is a 3 to 4-minute video that will walk you step-by-step on how to download as well as how to download for iPhone or iPad. Thank you so much for crafting. I'm so grateful that you're on this journey with me. Check out even more of my free paper flower templates here.

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  • Cardstock Paper - I like an 65 lb non textured cardstock for most of my paper flower designs.
  • Floral wire - I used 18 gauge floral wire since the flower is a big bigger!
  • Floral tape (optional)
  • Hot glue gun or craft glue or both - I prefer to use hot glue for the best results.
  • Scissors to cut your floral wire or wire cutters!
  • A Cricut machine or a Silhouette cutting machine to cut out the pattern
  • Tweezers - optional to help put a hole in the calyx.
  • Dowels or paint brush - to shape petals

Cricut Design Space Setup

Free SVG template for a paper rose displayed on a computer screen.

This file is straightforward to work with, consisting of six petals in three sets of two with three petal sizes. Start with the smallest petals for the inside and work your way out to the largest. The file also includes three leaves and a calyx. I duplicated the three leaves for my project, but feel free to adjust based on your needs. Ensure any size changes are applied to the entire file to maintain proportions. I used 65-pound cardstock and cut everything with the medium cardstock setting on Cricut. Silhouette Studio users can follow similar steps by uploading, resizing, duplicating, and sending the file to cut. You can adjust the flower to all different sizes, I left my largest petal at just about 4 inches which made a nice-sized rose, however, you can make a smaller size or larger flowers.  

Paper Rose Assembly

Step 1: Shaping the Petals

Shaping the inner petals of the paper rose svg template.
  1. Pair the Petals by Size: Start with the smallest petals for the center.
  2. Curl the Center Petal: Use a paintbrush or dowel to curl the smallest petal tightly to form the center.
  3. Shape the Remaining Petals in the First Set: Curl these petals slightly looser than the center petal.
The center of a paper rose.

Step 2: Layering the Petals

  1. Wrap the Center Petal: Use hot glue to secure the center petal and use two petals to wrap this into the middle.
  2. Overlap the Petals: Glue the remaining petals in the first set around the center, alternating the sides of overlap.
  3. Second Layer: Curl one side of each petal inward tightly and the opposite side outward. Overlap and glue these petals in a similar fashion to the first set.
Adding in the paper rose layers.

Step 3: Adding Subsequent Layers

  1. Shape the Next Sets of Petals: Use the paintbrush, bone tool or dowel to curl these petals outwards in a triangular shape.
  2. Glue Each Petal: Attach each petal to the base, ensuring they overlap to cover gaps and create a full look.
  3. Continue with Remaining Layers: Adjust the curl and overlap as needed to achieve a natural rose appearance.
Adding in more petal layers to the paper rose.

Step 4: Adding the Stem and Leaves

Attaching a stem and calyx to a paper rose.
  1. Shape the Calyx: Use a bone tool or dowel to shape the calyx outwards.
  2. Prepare the Stem: Make a small hole in the calyx center, thread an 18-gauge floral wire through, and secure with a loop at the top.
  3. Attach the Calyx: Glue the calyx to the base of the flower.
  4. Prepare the Leaves (optional): Add detail to the leaves using a bone tool or stylus.
  5. Shape the Leaves: Curl the leaves with your fingers.
  6. Attach the Leaves: Glue the leaves to the stem with hot glue, working from the smallest to the largest.
Using a bone tool to detail the leaves of a paper rose.

10 Creative Uses for Paper Roses

Multiple paper roses in a range of colors arranged on a crafting table.
  1. Home Decor: Add a touch of elegance to any room by creating beautiful paper rose arrangements for vases, wall art, or wreaths. Paper roses can bring color and charm to your home decor.
  2. Gift Wrapping: Elevate your gift presentation by using paper roses as decorative toppers on wrapped presents. They add a personalized and thoughtful touch to any gift.
  3. Wedding Decorations: Paper roses make stunning and cost-effective wedding decor. Use them in bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, or to create a romantic backdrop for your ceremony.
  4. Cards and Invitations: Enhance your handmade cards, invitations, and thank you notes with paper roses. They add a 3D element that makes your stationery stand out.
  5. Party Decorations: From birthday parties to baby showers, paper roses can be used to create festive garlands, table centerpieces, and photo booth props, adding a whimsical touch to any celebration.
  6. Jewelry: Craft unique and beautiful jewelry pieces such as necklaces, earrings, or brooches using small paper roses. They can be customized in various colors to match any outfit.
  7. Scrapbooking: Embellish your scrapbook pages with paper roses to highlight special memories and add a delicate, decorative touch to your layouts.
  8. Hair Accessories: Create lovely hairpieces like headbands, hair clips, and combs adorned with paper roses. They’re perfect for special occasions or everyday wear.
  9. Seasonal Decorations: Use paper roses to make seasonal decorations such as Valentine's Day bouquets, spring wreaths, or holiday centerpieces. They’re versatile enough to suit any season.
  10. Table Settings: Impress your guests by using paper roses as napkin rings, place card holders, or decorative elements in your table settings for dinner parties or special occasions.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on how you can incorporate paper roses into your crafting projects. The possibilities are endless, and each use brings a unique, handmade touch to your creations. Enjoy exploring these creative avenues with your paper roses!

Close up of paper roses with a free SVG template download for Cricut.

Stay Crafty!

Kelsey Sergi - the owner and crafter at Dinosaur Mama.

Hi crafters! I'm Kelsey and I am here to bring you new original craft projects and free SVG files for your cutting machines every week!

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