Paper Flower Basket with Cricut [Free Paper Flower SVG Templates]

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April 13, 2023

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April 24, 2024

Written by Kelsey Sergi
paper flower bouquet with free svg files for cricut

Let's Make a Paper Flower Basket with Cricut for Mother's Day.

Spring has sprung (sort of near me...) and we are emerged in all things Paper Flowers and Cricut - or whatever cutting machine you love!! For this new paper flower Cricut project we are creating a flower basket for Mother's Day with THREE new free paper flower templates.

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Materials and Tools Needed:

  • Cricut or other cutting machine - I cut everything out on my Cricut maker but you can download the free SVG files for any machine, please note the set up may be slightly different.
  • Cardstock paper - I used a mix of 65 lb cardstock from Michaels, shop here.
  • Bearly Arts Craft Glue (save with code DINOMAMA), shop here!
  • Hot glue and Glue gun, any will do but I am using SureBonder.
  • Quilling tool (optional) for rolled flowers.

Free Paper Flower SVG Files

I have broken these down a little different than my other files. You will find them all under the Community SVG files (they will be searchable with keyword 'basket') and I will have TWO files labeled Flower Basket Base and Floral Basket Insert, these will be the full project for download. On top of that, I will also include the three flowers separately just in case you don't want to make the full project but still want the SVG files. To access the Community SVG files you will need to sign up for my newsletter here or below and you will receive a Welcome letter shortly after with the password.

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Don't forget to check out some more of my free Spring SVG files if you want more flowers in your crafty life!

Cricut Design Space Set Up

If you download the two part project, the sizing should be as follows:

For the basket with the handle, I cut my basket at 11.5x.11.5 inches. The handle can be left or adjusted with this but for the baskey alone (NO HANDLE) with the panels, I centered them, then I made sure the size was 11.5x11.5 which will max out my 12x12 cardstock paper.

free paper flower templates for cricut to make a diy paper flower bouquet - cricut design space set up

For the flower portion, my size was 23.25 by 16.84 inches, this includes all 6 green panels and all the flowers and leaves. No ungrouping necessary. Please keep in mind if you change the sizing, the inserts may not fit the basket. I overlayed my gree insert to one of the panels to make sure everything still lined up properly.

free paper flower templates for cricut to make a diy paper flower bouquet - cricut design space set up

The next thing to do, or the first, which ever way you decide, change the colors, for my flowers my layers are different shades and I do this so you can see the layers, but I adjusted everything using the color sync panel. I made my grass and leaves the same green as well as my flower layers all the same.

free paper flower templates for cricut to make a diy paper flower bouquet - cricut design space set up

I have pre-perforated this file, so no need to add score lines, the machine will cut these for you. This is important to keep in mind when it comes to sizing as well. Too small and the machine may start to glitch (just like with any small cuts).

Paper Flower Basket Assembly

assembling the 3d basket with free svg files to make a paper flower bouquet

I am happy to say the basket portion of this file is easy peasy. Start with your four panels and glue those down to cover the basket holes. I used my craft glue for this. You want to do this first because the side pieces that hold the basket together are large and you will see them on the side if you don't cover them first.

assembling the 3d basket with free svg files to make a paper flower bouquet

Next, glue the sides up, you want the flaps to be on the inside of the basket and they should line up really beautifully. Fold up on all the perforation lines and then start gluing the panels on the inside. If you want to learn how to make SVG files with perforation lines, don't miss this blog post. Do not attach the handle!

assembling the 3d basket with free svg files to make a paper flower bouquet

After this, I started on all the flowers. I wanted to get the flowers done before I started making the rest of the basket! For the rolled rose, I used a small quilling tool then switched to my fingers. These take practice and I still have do much to learn with these. I used hot glue to secure these together. Before gluing I allowed them to unroll just a little bit so they weren't super tight. I used my fingers to curl the petals back down to give them a little more of a flower feel.

free rolled rose paper flower template for cricut

For the daisy looking flower, you will need 4 larger petal parts, two of the centers with the small short petals and then the center circle. I offset the four layers and gave them a slight curl. I used my craft glue to keep these together but you can use whatever you prefer! For the center I did my best to offset these (they are small so don't stress) and then I folded those small petals up as well. I glued this to the middle then glued in the yellow center.

free daisy paper flower svg file with cricut

The pink flower (I don't know what to name this one!!!), to start I pinched the petals and you can do this in bulk. This will give them some definition and make them look a little more real. Then just like above I offset them with each layer and used my craft glue to keep them together. For these, you will have six layers: two thick larger, two skinny, and two small. Offset each layer to fill in the holes and try to keep these as centered as possible. Then add the small center to the middle.

free paper flower template for cricut

Now, let's assemble the paper flower bouquet basket. There are three grass panel inserts and three flower stalk inserts. You will alternate these inside the basket and I used hot glue to attach this to the sides. You can eyeball the space between them and make sure one grass panel is up again the wall and one flower stalk panel is up against the other. The bottoms of these should be basically flush to the bottom of the basket.

diy paper flower bouquet with cricut step by step tutorial

I then went through and folded my stems down into the basket slightly. Then I used hot glue to attach each of the flowers onto the stalks and I alternated the flowers in each row. The flowers should fill the space nicely and you can adjust them up and down.

how to assemble a paper flower bouquet with cricut
all flowers inside a paper flower bouquet made with cricut

Next, grab those leaves and give them a slight bend. These are fillers - I include 18 in the file but cut as many as you'd like to fill the space. I used hot glue again and placed these mostly under the paper flower petals peaking out. I didn't want to put them on the stems because it won't look as clean.

adding paper leaves to a paper flower bouquet

Once you have these all glued you can attach the handle across or leave it off! Whichever one you prefer!

adding a paper handle to a paper 3d basket
finished paper flower bouquet basket made with cricut

And with that, your paper flower bouquet basket is complete! This is a great DIY Mother's Day Craft or a cute addition to your Spring decor.

finished paper flower bouquet basket made with cricut

Stay Crafty!

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