How to Make a Paper Orchid Flower Wreath | Free SVG Template

Created on:

May 3, 2023

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February 8, 2024

Written by Kelsey Sergi

Let's make some beautiful paper orchids and make a paper wreath for some DIY home decor.

a paper orchid wreath made with a cricut with free svg download

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Overall, the meaning of orchids can vary depending on the culture and context, but they are generally seen as a symbol of beauty, elegance, love, and admiration so why not make a beautiful paper wreath to remind yourself of these things daily.

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Materials and Tools Needed:

  • Cricut, Silhouette or other cutting machine - I used both my Cricut Maker and my Cricut Explore to cut out my pieces.
  • Card stock paper - I am using 80 lb Bazzil paper (use code KELSS53) for my orchid and flower parts and for the green leaves I used Michaels 65 lb cardstock.
  • Hot glue gun and sticks - I am using a Surebonder glue gun and glue sticks from the Dollar Tree
  • Craft Glue - You can definitely just use hot glue but for my orchids I used Bearly Arts and you can save with code DINOMAMA
  • Wreath ring - I used a 14 inch wire wreath ring from the Dollar Tree. You can shop them here.
  • Optional: paper flower tools - I don't have these or use them but if you're looking for them here they are!

Download the Free Paper Orchid Wreath SVG Template

This file is all in one piece and sized for the 14 inch wreath ring. Please adjust the size according to your ring size! You can grab the free SVG file under my community SVG files. The file will be located under the flower SVG templates towards the top. If you aren't already, you will need to subscribe to my newsletter below to receive the password. Once you subscribe, you should get the Welcome email within a few minutes. You can find download instructions for desktop here and for iPad/iPhone here.

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Cricut Design Space Upload

cricut design space set up for a paper orchid wreath

Mentioned before this is already sized for the 14 inch wreath ring, so begin by resizing if you need to. You can send this right over to your cutting machine, however, if you want to save some space on your paper you can ungroup and rearrange the leaves and then attach to fit the size paper you are using. This is an easier way than moving them within the mat selection portion of the design.

rearranging the leaves in cricut design space to maximize space on a piece of paper

Feel free to add more leaves or flowers to this design! I am only here to help assist your creative mind!

If you are looking for more flower projects please check out my Flower Basket SVG Tutorial and Beginner Flower tutorial!

Assembly of the Paper Orchid Flower Wreath

organizing two different colored paper leaves in shades of gray for a paper orchid wreath

Start by grouping your leaves into piles of three and alternating colors. I actually didn't end up using all of my leaves and had extra but this will depend on your spacing and the look you're going for!

hot gluing paper leaves to a wreath ring

Next, I grabbed my hot glue gun and started attaching my leaves to the wire ring. I only attached mostly on the sides and the end, this is because you want to be able to slide the longer leaves in later.

finishing the leaves on a wreath ring

I worked from left to right around the ring, slightly overlapping at the ends. For the last row, you will place this under the first row we had placed so it looks continuous.

shaping the orchid petals for a paper orchid flower

On to assembling the orchids, start by rounding the petals with your fingers or your flower tools. I used my fingers on this go! Then I glued these two pieces together with the three prong looking one in the back.

gluing the paper orchid

Next, I assembled the center, start by bending it slightly in the middle and then attach the small stem part to the top (these fit together perfectly). Attach the small rectangle looking piece to the middle of this with some craft glue. Finally, the U shaped piece should only be glued at the bottom and the top parts can be bend out away from the center slightly. This will be glued down towards the bottom.

final paper orchid wreath (free svg file template available)

Then with a small strip of glue in the middle, I attached this center piece to the center of my orchid petals. Repeat with all of your orchids.

shaping small filler paper flowers

For the small flowers, I slightly bent the petals in towards the center. You can color the centers with alcohol ink, colored pencil, or even sequins.

shaping more leaves for a paper wreath

For the longer leaves with the needles, I slightly bent them in half to make them more 3D.

gluing orchids to the paper wreath

Now we can attach our orchids with some hot glue, I kept them in a curved row on one side.

adding filler leaves to a paper wreath

Next, I added in my longer needle like leaves, I pushed these in under my base leaf layer and under the orchids. I did them pretty evenly spaced and on opposite sides (inner/outer) around the wreath.

hot gluing filler flowers to a paper wreath

To finish the wreath, I used my hot glue to place the small filler flowers throughout the project!

pape pink orchids on a diy wreath

Now you have finished your paper orchid flower wreath! Amazing!

paper orchids on a wreath

Stay Crafty!

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Kelsey Sergi - the owner and crafter at Dinosaur Mama.

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