Hawthorn Flower SVG Download & Tutorial for Cricut

Created on:

May 30, 2024

Updated on:

June 3, 2024

Written by Kelsey Sergi

Let's make the second flower of May the Hawthorn flower.

Sorry that I waited until the last minute of this month to get this out to you, it's been a really busy month over here in my craft room and in my personal life especially with here, but I wanted to get another template for the month of May. The Hawthorn flower is a great smaller filler flower for any bouquet or even for cards.

Finished hawthorn flowers.

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Materials and Tools Needed

Downloading the free SVG file

You can find the free Hawthorn SVG under my community SVG vault. To receive the password please sign up for my newsletter below. You will get a welcome email within a few minutes if you're already signed up for my email newsletter, you can check a previous email - I send it out every single email.

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If you need help with the instant download, please check my instructional video found both here for desktop and here for iPad.

You can use my free download for physical items in your small business, please check my full commercial license here.

If you would like to see any of my other flowers of the month and download the free SVG files, please check out this page! I love bringing you new 3-D flower templates every single month.

Cricut Design Space Upload

Cricut Design Space setup for cutting Hawthorn flower SVG

This upload is relatively easy, the flower has three parts which are sized appropriately. If you need to resize this for any reason, please make sure you resize the whole file and not just one piece. An actual Hawthorn flower is about .75 inches and this one is a little bit bigger just for ease of making it. Once it is uploaded, you can go ahead and just hit make, and then add on as many copies as you'd like in the top left-hand corner. I ended up making about 7 to 8 in one bunch. This is definitely a flower that comes in a group. I cut out on the medium card stock setting and for this one I would suggest not using fast mode because the center has a lot of small pieces.

Silhouette Studio

Silhouette Studio setup for cutting Hawthorn flower SVG

The set up for silhouette studio is going to be pretty similar to your Cricut set up. You're going to want to use the duplicate feature to make as many copies as you'd like. Then I like to go back in and I like to change my nesting so that everything is lined up and close together so that I don't waste any of my paper. You can send this over to your Silhouette Cameo or Portrait to cut. I like to use the heavy cardtsock setting and I bump up my settings in both force and blade depth.

Assembly of the Hawthorn Flower

Step 1: Color the Center

Red marker coloring tips of Hawthorn flower center

I used a red marker from Crayola to create the color of my center. I just lightly colored the tips on both sides of the center. This is what a traditional Hawthorn has however, you can color however you want, at the end of the day it is your paper flower and not mine.

Step 2: Roll the Center

I finally learned that the higher the number of floral wire the smaller and skinnier it actually is, so I end up using a 22 or 24 gauge floral wire for this flower. You will want to use the smallest amount of hot glue on the tip of your floral wire and then wrap your center around it starting at the end not the center, and wrapping it around like a rolled paper flower.

Hot gluing the center together for paper Hawthorn flower

Once you reach the end, use another small amount of glue or craft glue to close this down. My biggest regret is that I didn't buy a small tipped hot glue gun, but I am not going to buy another one until this one breaks! You can trim the floral wire with some scissors after this.

Finished rolled center of the Hawthron flower.

Step 3: Shape the Flower

Using the smallest ball tool, round out the petals of the flower and the center to that the petals overlap.

Step-by-step assembly of paper Hawthorn flower

Step 4: Slide and Glue the Petals

Close-up of Hawthorn flower petals shaped with ball tool

You can slide the petals up towards the center of the flower and using a little hot glue attach them together.

Step 5: The Leaf

Finished bouquet of paper Hawthorn flowers

I included one leaf for each flower in the digital design (please feel free to make more!), and you can shape this however you see fit, I used a bone tool to give it a little bit of a curve. There is a tab at the end that you can use to hot glue this to your floral wire.

As I mentioned before, this is definitely a group flower so you'll need to make a bunch of these to make it look like a true Hawthorn flower bush. These are great filler flowers for any paper flower bouquet that you are looking to make and really do remind me of summer.

Group of finished paper hawthorn flowers.

Thank you for crafting with me. I hope you enjoy my DIY projects as much as I do.

Stay crafty!

Kelsey Sergi - the owner and crafter at Dinosaur Mama.

Hi crafters! I'm Kelsey and I am here to bring you new original craft projects and free SVG files for your cutting machines every week!

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