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July 26, 2022

How to Make a Spring Paper Flower Wreath with Cricut

Spring Home Decor with Cricut doesn't have to be hard! Let's make this Spring Cricut project to hang up in your home this Easter season.

cute diy paper wreath made with cricut for spring

You can file the free SVG file here.

If you are having any trouble - learn how to download and upload all of the free SVG files on my website here.

*this article will have some affiliate links that help me earn a commission, thank you*

This free 3D Cricut project is easy to put together - let's start with a supply list:

Once you download the SVG File you can resize to how you would like and cut - there is nothing to change on this file in terms of cutting it should be sorted for you and ready to go! It's a great beginner Cricut project.

free spring wreath SVG file for cricut crafting - beginner project

I resized my project to 15 inches wide. This was still able to be cut on a 12x12 mat.

The backing of the wreath ended up being a little over 11 inches.

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How to assemble your paper wreath:

One you have all your pieces cut, you can pull them off your mat.

Pro-tip for Cricut: peel your mat away from your paper and not your paper from your mat to avoid unwanted curling.

cut out paper pieces for spring wreath

I put all my pieces into piles that go together - I used white and yellow for one flower and two toned pink for the other. I kept all my words together as well.

how to curl pieces for wreath

The first pieces I started with were my flowers -I glued the two petal layers together first, making sure to slightly offset them. They don't need to be perfect because not all flowers are the same.
Then I glued on the center. Once I had these built, I would use my bone tool to curl up my edges. You can also use your fingers or a popsicle stick to give your petals a slight upward curl.

I also switched tones on my flowers - some white on top and some yellow - same for my pink!

spring paper flowers

You can always double up on petals or flowers, change the size or colors!

spring paper flower leaves for cricut

Next, I worked on my leaves - this is optional: I used my bone tool again to give them a slight curve.

hello spring craft for cricut beginners

For my "Hello Spring" I used my glue to glue the pink letters onto the offset.

Now we can place our pieces!!

cute diy paper wreath made with cricut for spring

My suggestion is to lay out all your pieces first before you start to glue down. You can add more leaves in a two tone color palette or you can add more flowers. It's your wreath, I just provide the template!

For my assembly I used glue to secure the flowers down first and then the leaves. I used foam mounting tape for the yellow offset and words to give a little more depth for our wreath.

cute diy paper wreath made with cricut for spring

This can be hung inside for cute DIY home decor or made smaller to put onto an Easter basket! Happy crafting!

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