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April 21, 2023

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February 8, 2024

Written by Kelsey Sergi

With Spring in full bloom let's create this free 3D SVG File - a Spring Cottage House.

a cottage made out of paper with cricut from a free svg file

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This 3D SVG of a Spring themed cottage was so fun to create and assemble. I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did!

Mobile users turn your phone or watch the YouTube video here.

Materials and Tools List:

  • Cricut, Silhouette or Other Cutting Machine 
  • Cardstock paper - I used a textured paper with an 80lb weight by bazzil and you can shop here use code: KELSS53 for a discount!
  • Craft glue - I am using Bearly Arts, don’t forget to use code DINOMAMA when you check out for a 10% off discount. 
  • I didn’t use it, but I suggest a hot glue gun!
  • Acetate sheets, Vellum paper or parchment for the windows
  • Tweezers are optional for placing small parts. 
  • You will see me use transfer tape for my mat - this is optional: this is the one I use.

Download the FREE 3D SVG File

For this file, everything is under one piece! You will find it under my community SVG files under the header SPRING SVG FILES along with my Spring Shadow Box SVG. To download this free 3D SVG File, please sign up for my newsletter to receive the password. You can learn how to download my free SVG files for your Cricut projects here for desktop and here for iPad/iPhone. 

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Cricut Design Space Set Up 

cricut design space set up for a free svg fle of a 3d spring cottage

This file is like a ready to go file. I have included the perforation lines in the file so you don’t need to change anything around. You can resize if you would like but make sure you resize the WHOLE file, if you don’t you might have a huge roof and a tiny house. Everything has to say the same ratio. 

I also used the color sync option just to cut out on a smaller amount of mats but colors I always leave up to the creator. The only one to keep in mind is the BRIGHT blue is the window layer (which you can cut out with acetate, vellum, parchment, etc.)

Assembly of the Cottage House Paper Craft

an empty cup for paper parts of a 3d spring paper craft

Let’s start with a few tips on organizing our papers. For the smaller bits I use containers to keep them organized so I don’t lose any pieces. 

using transfer tape on a paper craft project - gray paper used for an intricate 3d paaper craft project

For the “mat” to the house, I used transfer tape to keep this aligned. I suggest using used transfer tape that is less sticky and being gentle when you remove! 

Now, let’s start building our house. If you watch the accompanied YouTube video you will see that I say a bunch of times that I did this out of order so lets go over the order I would say is “correct”

  1. Attach the mat first. 
  2. Glue on the cobblestone wall
  3. Attach the vines.
  4. Attach the grass boarder 
  5. Attach the door
  6. Attach the windows
  7. Make the house 3D
  8. Make the window sills 
  9. Attach the windowsills
  10. Make the roof
  11. Attach the roof
removing the transfer tape on a 3d paper craft

Attach the mat with craft glue to the half circle at the bottom, you will fold this up so that the house with sit with a mat sticking out. I used transfer tape, so I added glue then attached to the mat, let it dry thoroughly and then peeled that transfer tape back gently. 

gluing down a decorative gray piece of paper meant to look like cobblestone

Glue on the cobblestone walls, I used a liberal amount of glue and went back if I had spots sticking out. These line up perfectly and match even on the perforation lines. 

gluing the sides of a 3d cottage house made out of paper

I moved on to building the house in a 3D sense, but I suggest doing the vines then the grass boarder. To make it 3D however, you will put the flaps on the inside and it should be taller front, short side, back, short side. 

gluing down a grass boarder made out of paper onto a 3d paper house project made on cricut

Next, I used craft glue along the bottom part of the shorter grass strip to attach the boarder. These line up with no overlap or gaps. 

attaching a paper ivy vine to a cobblestone 3d paper house

After that I added my vines. I only glued the thin strips and then I pinched the leaves out with my fingers to make them 3D. 

assembling the door on a 3d svg file for cricut of a cottage house

Then I attached my door with glue on the hinges, you can glue this flat to the wall if you prefer.

attaching the paper and acetate window to a 3d paper house

Next, I assembled my window panels and glued them to the walls, I used acetate and craft glue and for these combos (vellum, parchment, or acetate) just be patient with gluing and making sure it’s dry. 

assembling the roof of the 3d paper cottage house

I went on to assemble my roof. The panels should be grouped into 5’s with one group of 6. You will work from the outside in and do opposite color rows with 5 panels per row. I worked from right to left for the outside row then for the next row I went left to right. I did four rows and then the other side. Then I worked down the middle with the six panels. 

assembling the 3d window sill with 5 pink flowers and grass

To make the window sills, start with the flowers on the stems and then attach the centers. You’ll attach this piece to the window sill piece and then fold and make it 3D. The window sill piece has two flaps on the side bottoms which attach to the bottom flap. Then they have pieces that will attach to the side of the house. 

attaching the window sill made of paper to the 3d house made of paper

Don’t forget to build your bird!

Attach these windowsills to the house and allow them to dry so they stay up! 

attaching the 3d house paper roof and finishing the 3d svg file

Finally attach your roof to the tabs at the top. I didn’t perforate these but they bend easily and attach to the top on both sides and two on each side panel. Try to get this as tight together as possible! 

the final 3d svg file of a spring cottage house with free svg file download for cricut

Now you have created a 3D Spring Cottage!

Stay Crafty…

Kelsey Sergi - the owner and crafter at Dinosaur Mama.

Hi crafters! I'm Kelsey and I am here to bring you new original craft projects and free SVG files for your cutting machines every week!

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