Cute Paper Craft: DIY Valentine Card Holder Box

Created on:

February 7, 2024

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February 16, 2024

Written by Kelsey Sergi

The days of the tissue box Valentine’s Day Card Holder are evolving. This beautiful envelope Valentine Card box with floating hearts will wow your student and make their desk shine.

Thinking back to my days in elementary school and middle school and passing those little cards around - it was oddly stressful and also so much fun. I have to say, we rarely made our handouts, just added a lollipop to a cartoon paper card. I feel like when I was smaller homemade anything wasn’t in, but now I feel like handmade valentine cards are the way to go.

The best part is this DIY card holder can also double as some cute home decor and is sure to be an excellent way to give a gift card and of course some Valentine’s Day chocolate. Using your Cricut machine or old fashioned scissors, you can create something beautiful and quickly this Valentine’s Day! On top of being beautiful, this project is for both grown ups and little hands alike. Your little one can easily help put together all these 3D fanned hearts with ease! They will love going to school and showing off their craft.

Materials Needed & Download Files

Digital Downloads

For the first time, I am providing a PDF of this craft project along with the SVG file - so please keep in mind when downloading, if you are using a Cricut you will want the SVG version. You can find the free downloads under my community SVG vault, keyword: envelope box. If using scissors you will download the PDF. The PDF will not work with Cricut (it will upload as a print and cut and we don’t want that!) Please make sure to read through my download instructions or watch the video, I have instructions for both desktop and iPad. To receive the password to the community vault SVG files, please sign up for my newsletter below.

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  • Cutting machine or scissors - you can use this SVG file in a Cricut machine or a Silhouette (if you have the upgraded software) or you can download the PDF version and cut everything out by hand. I do have the score lines included in the SVG files, if you do not have a scoring stylus or wheel for your Cricut machine, you can remove these or hide them, but they do make folding slightly easier!
  • Craft Glue - I am using Bearly Arts, this craft glue is amazing - dries quickly and clear. You can also use a tape gun or hot glue, I love craft glue for keeping things secure and flat.
  • Hot glue gun and sticks - This will be for attaching the hearts to the floating wire
  • Craft wire - I used an 18 gauge wire galvanized steel (you can always just glue the hearts to the envelope itself and skip this)
  • Paper - I am using an 85 lb textured card in a cream color for the envelope and then for the 3D hearts I used glitter cardstock but I always like to leave colors up to you!

Mobile users, you can turn your phone or watch the YouTube video here.

Cutting out the Templates for the Valentine Box

SVG and Cutting Machines

For the cutting machine version, you will download the free SVG file and upload it into your design space. (see instructions above)

If using a Cricut: Resize as needed, I maxed out my 12x12 card stock paper to 11.5 inches in height. Then ungroup everything and either delete the score lines if you do not have a scoring tool or change the black likes to score and attach to the proper piece with the paper clip in the bottom right hand corner of Cricut design space. I cut everything using the medium cardstock setting.

If using a Silhouette machine: resize as needed and then you will have to change score lines and cut lines in Silhouette studio before sending to your machine. I tend to use the medium cardstock setting here as well but adjust your settings and always test your materials.

Don't forget you can make these personalized and while designing in Cricut Design Space or Silhouette studio, you can find the perfect place to add on a name or a personalized note! I love making these free SVG files and templates because I am always so impressed with how creative everyone can be. You can add your own spin to each design and really make beautiful creations. These homemade Valentine's Day card holders are customizable from the size to the colors and even what you put on the envelope!

Once you have everything set up, send to your mat to cut out and arrange all your pieces making sure to keep the hearts in piles of like sizes.

For the PDF and Scissors

If using the PDF download link, your box will end up being a little smaller unless you have a 12 inch printer, so the sizes of templates really depend on what you have access to. You can print on regular paper and white card stock and use this as a template. Lay it over a thicker cardstock and cut on the outer lines then use a scoring tool, bone tool, or just fold on the lines marked fold.

I have provided 3 heart templates for the PDF, you can use these again as a stencil and cut your paper out with them - you need 4 for each heart. I made a total of 12 hearts (3 in each size) so 36 individual pieces.

A little tip: fold 4 layers of paper together and then place the heart on top so that all the layers look about the same.

Assembly of the Valentine Holders

Step 1: Fold on the Score Lines

I started with my envelope box, folding on all the score lines. You can use your bone tool, a popsicle stick, or a squeegee to give you crisp lines or just fold with your hands the old fashioned way. I have to say, I tested this out on my new Silhouette Cameo 5 (which I am so excited to share more with you!) and the score lines were incredible. They use their autoblade for scoring and it created the cleanest crisp line! Incredible.

This box has pretty easy prep, you sort of wrap it around and glue the two side flaps to the back of the box on the inside. I used my craft glue for this step but you can also opt for hot glue if it’s all you have.

Step 2: Assemble the hearts.

Each heart will have four pieces, fold them all in half down the center on the score line or just eye ball it. I used glitter paper so I have one side that is white and one side that is sparkly so for the glitter to show you want to fold in on this side.

Next glue these in a fan with the sides back to back, you won’t attach the first and last piece together as we want these to be flat on the back and 3D in the front. I assembled all my hearts before moving on. This is a great way to get in your craft time while also hanging out with your little guy or gal. I ended up making the 12 I have included in the SVG file but you can always make more or less!

Step 3: Attach the Hearts for the Valentine's Box

I started with the bottom of the card holder and then worked my way to the top of the box but you can attach as you'd like.

For the floating heart effect, I used the wire and hot glued it hanging off the top of the box.

Make sure to balance it and hide the wire with the hearts in a cascading line. Each crafter and kiddo will be able to make unique boxes with their own patterns plus it gives each box a festive look.

Once you have everything glued down your Valentine card holder is complete! This is a great opportunity to add a little note inside your box for your child's valentines. These Valentine Card holders are such a fun art activity and I am so excited to be sharing it with you.

Don't forget you can use this as DIY Valentine's Day party decor, the perfect gift for your significant other, or make it in  a variety of colors and make these the item your child hands out as Valentine's Day cards - unless you want to make my paper pinata!!

These are sure to make a unique Valentine's day and a special present that your loved ones will remember.

Stay Crafty!

Kelsey Sergi - the owner and crafter at Dinosaur Mama.

Hi crafters! I'm Kelsey and I am here to bring you new original craft projects and free SVG files for your cutting machines every week!

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