3D Cricut Project for Father's Day: DIY Tool Box with Free SVG

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June 1, 2023

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February 8, 2024

Written by Kelsey Sergi

Craft a Father's Day surprise with this 3D toolbox! Free SVG file included.

free 3d cricut project a diy tool box for fathers day with free 3d svg file

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Father's Day is around the corner and I am so excited to bring you this project (you can always change the words and make it for some one other than dad!). This 3D paper craft is fun to put together and sure to wow anyone you give it to. Let's get crafty!

Mobile users turn your phone or watch the YouTube video here.

Materials and Tools

You can use whatever you would like for all the details, I am only here to suggest, but here is what I used for my 3D paper toolbox.

  • Craft card stock paper - I am using an 80 lb textured card stock from Bazzil. I also used a foil silver and a shiny grey.
  • Vinyl - I used red, black, and white
  • Acetate - I used this for my level pieces but you can also substitute for paper.
  • Cricut Pen or any marker to draw the lines onto the measuring tape.
  • Foam Tape squares - I am using white and red from Fanciful Chaos.
  • Craft Glue - I am using Bearly Arts
  • Weeding tools - I use tweezers mostly

Grab the Free 3D SVG File for Father's Day

This file will be available under my free community SVG file vault. It will be towards the bottom so please scroll. This month I plan on numbering my projects in the vault for you to easily find them so just give me some grace on this! You can sign up for my newsletter right here:

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You will see a pop up for instructions to download but you can watch the full tutorial here for desktop and here for iPad/iPhone. Please email me via the contact box at the bottom of the page if you need further assistance.

You can grab more free Father's Day SVG files here and don't forget to check out my free Video Game Controller Box! 

Cricut Design Space Set Up for the Free 3D SVG File

This set up is pretty easy - you can resize the file first. I made mine max out my 12 x 12 cardstock paper so it ended up being about 23 inches wide which gave me a nice sized tool box. Remember if you are resizing, please do the entire SVG for scaling.

free 3d tool box svg in cricut design space

Next, you can use the color sync panel in Cricut Design space to change around any colors but from here, there isn't much else to change. If you want to make more bolts, tools, or screws you can always duplicate in Cricut Design Space.

For the wording, you can delete and change it to whatever you would like! I cut this out in vinyl for ease of placement, along with the front of the level and the measuring tape. I cut the middle level pieces in acetate and the rest in card stock paper on medium cardstock in fast mode.

Assembling the 3D Tool Box SVG File

For full detailed instructions, I highlt suggest watching the full YouTube tutorial to see it hands on.

Step One: Assemble the Box Base

Keep your folds on the inside and I prefer to use my craft glue for this. The shorter piece will be the top.

building a 3d tool box out of paper

Step Two: Attach the Handle

Slip the handle pieces into the slits at the top of the top box piece and glue down on the inside.

building a 3d tool box out of paper

Step Three: Attach Your Lettering

Again, I used vinyl for this but you can use glue and paper. For vinyl use less stciky tranfer tape or painters tape, peel back gently.

building a 3d tool box out of paper for father's day

Step Four: Assemble Your Tools

My biggest suggestion for making a lot of detailed pieces like this is to refer back to the SVG file in Cricut Design Space to see all of the layers.

Assembling the Level:

I used vinyl on this to give it a plastic look along with the acetate.

3d paper level building a 3d tool box out of paper
Assembling the Measuring Tape:

I used my Cricut Pen to draw on the lines for the measuring tape.

paper measuring tape building a 3d tool box out of paper
Assembling the Hammer and Screwdriver:

These each have two pieces that attach with a small amount of glue on the handle.

paper hammer building a 3d tool box out of paper
Assembling the Bolts:

The circle goes around the center to give a 3D Look

paper bolts building a 3d tool box out of paper

Step Five: Placing the Lock and Hinges

The hinges on the back of the box should be pre folded and placed on as equidistant as possible. Fold over and place the lid on and make sure to hold until its fully set.

building a 3d tool box out of paper

For the lock, you want to use foam tape on the top piece to give it a lip. Glue the bottom piece and latch on, but leave the top free so it can "lock".

building a 3d tool box out of paper

Step Six: Place All the Pieces into the Tool Box

Once everything is ready to go, this going together similarly to my Mother's Day Bouquet Basket!

building a 3d tool box out of paper attaching the letters

You will fold in on the "legs" of the Father's Day Arch and glue them to the sides and bottom. The main thing to keep in mind when placing all of these items is - don't make them too tall or stick out the sides and make sure to secure them well so they don't fall.

final building a 3d tool box out of paper

I leave where you place everything up to you but this is my placement: my measuring tape and hammer were behind the sign, the level was on the Father's Day Arch, the screws were glued on top of the arch, then the wrench and screwdriver were placed together towards the front and I stacked the bolts and placed them up front as well.

I do provide extra "legs" which I only ended up using two for your pieces. The main things to keep in mind is that you want your box to close!!

Step Seven: Place Your Name Plaque

I placed mine right in the front with a little glue!

a 3d paper tool box made on cricut with a free svg file downlaod

And thats it! You've created a 3D Tool Box out of card stock paper! This project is excellent for new paper crafters who want to push their limits or advanced paper crafters looking for a fun new free Cricut project!

free 3d svg file a tool box for a diy father's day gift

Stay Crafty!

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Kelsey Sergi - the owner and crafter at Dinosaur Mama.

Hi crafters! I'm Kelsey and I am here to bring you new original craft projects and free SVG files for your cutting machines every week!

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