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April 11, 2024

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April 13, 2024

Written by Kelsey Sergi

Looking to make a banner with your Cricut machine but don't know where to start? Grab this free banner template and start making it your own for easy DIY party decor.

A mermaid banner made with a free banner SVG template download.

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The free SVG cut file can be instantly downloaded and modified to fit any theme, each banner piece is easy to customize and I will show you the step by step instructions on how to do so! Let's get crafting.

Where can you use these free SVG files?

Now, these banner designs are made specifically to be use in a cutting machine such as a Cricut maker or Silhouette cameo so that you can create beautiful banners easily. If you are looking for a hand cut template, don't worry just send me an e-mail below and I will be able to send a PDF or PNG files over to you. Let's look into how to set up these free files in Cricut Design Space and Silhouette Studio.

Oh, I should mention where to download the free banner SVG file - you can grab the SVG here but don't forget to sign up for my newsletter below for the newest free SVG files, new craft projects, and more! Need help downloading - find my instructions here for desktop/Chrome and here for iPad/iPhone/Safari. Also, my free SVG files are commercial use for small businesses to make physical items!

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Cricut Design Space Set Up

Now the free vector graphics come all together - meaning the three layers of the banner template are one on top of another so to see them you will have to upload into Cricut Design Space first.

Free banner template SVG uploaded into Cricut Design Space

Next, you will want to resize first. This is the easiest way to go about making sure all the files are the correct proportions.

For the mermaid banner I am creating, I made the banner template 4.28 inches by 5.69 inches high but you can size it however you need for your craft project. I will also note that my free banner template includes the holes in the backing of the banner shape for easy threading of your string. The best way to find out what you will need size wize for physical items is to measure the area you plan on hanging your banner piece. Make sure that you consider length and width and how much spacing you will need in between each of the banner pieces. If you are making something extremely long, you might need shorter pieces but something with not as many banner pieces might need to have wider banner pieces.

Adding the words or letters or numbers to a custom DIY banner template free SVG download.

​Our next step is to change all the different colors, now I made my banner pieces all the same in terms of color layers. Meaning all the backs were pink, followed by turquoise, then white and pink. But you can mix however you want your own DIY banner to be. I just made a banner template and how you use it truly is your own. For the most part from what I have seen on social media, a lot of these fancy banners are going to stick to a strict color scheme but you can go wild!

Once you have your colors done you can start duplicating the banner piece to however many you need. I did a short banner that just said ONE so I only needed three pieces but you can duplicate by right-clicking or hitting command D.

From there, you can add in your word and change the font. My suggestion when making Cricut banners is to write out the word in all capital letters or all lowercase letters for sizing.

Finished free Cricut banner template SVG file.

The last thing that I did for my birthday banner was add in my mermaid graphics from Creative Fabrica and I added on an offset to all of these for a little more pop. I feel like for the best results you want a slight offset to show off all those layers and add some more color. I am using the print then cut method but you can use any banner clipart or SVG files you like to go with your theme.

Once you have the banner template set up and sized, you can send to your Cricut Maker or machine to be made. I like to use the medium cardstock setting and a standard grip mat for my cutting but again, you can use anything that you like or works for you!

Silhouette Studio Set Up

This is going to be similar to the Cricut Design Space set up, I would definitely resize first in Silhouette studio and change any coloring.

Then duplicate as needed and add in your words - again, use either all lowercase or uppercase for correct sizing.

Creating a DIY banner template SVG on silhouette studio.

​Don't forget to make it detailed with any banner graphics you want to add. I even have an American banner you can check out for more inspiration! Banners are such a great addition to a party and such a fun DIY project for crafters.

For cutting, I always suggest testing out your craft materials as my Silhouette needs adjusting all the time.

Craft Supplies needed for a Paper Banner

These are just what I used to create my birthday banner

Assembling the DIY Party Banner

Assembling a free banner template svg file for Cricut & Silhouette.

I start with the banner flags and layering those, starting from the front and moving to the back. I make sure my holes are covered by the next layer however, I also make sure they are not covered by my foam tapes.

Assembling a free banner template svg file with foam tape for Cricut & Silhouette.

Another way to add to your fancy banner is to use an embossing machine and folders to make more detailed designs onto some of the layers or lettering. Then I place my lettering onto each flag and center as best I can.

All three layers of a free banner template SVG file.

I then layer all of my banner graphics so that they are placed onto their offset.

Layering mermaid graphics for a DIY party banner.

I like to then lay out where everything is possibly going to go and use craft glue to place these down as I don't want to go overboard with height on my banner - but again this is yours to create so do as you wish!!

Attaching mermaid graphics to the free banner template.

The last thing I do is string my banner along through the back - be careful here and take the time to make sure you are putting everything through in the correct order and on the right side. If you want to you can also add hot glue to the string to keep each banner piece in the proper place but that is optional. I like to have the ability to move the pieces around.

Stringing yarn through the back of a free banner template.

And that is it! You have created your own party banner with a free banner template! Easy as upload and design. Paper banners are so fun to create and can work with any party or theme you can imagine!

Free banner template made into a mermaid banner for a one year old party..

​Thank you for crafting with me!

Stay crafty!

Kelsey Sergi - the owner and crafter at Dinosaur Mama.

Hi crafters! I'm Kelsey and I am here to bring you new original craft projects and free SVG files for your cutting machines every week!

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