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July 26, 2022

Back to Basics - Making Shapes in Inkscape

Making Free SVG Files can be overwhelming, let's start with some basic shapes!

We are taking our next step in Inkscape - we learned the terms and buttons - now lets use them!

After you watch the video, you can see that all designs are just a series of shapes. Yes, some are going to be more intense but when starting basic we are only using 2-3 shapes at a time.

My suggestion always is to start small - at the end of the video I suggest to layer some circles or squares.

Let's go step by step on making a layered card.

Step 1: Draw a 10 in W x 7 in H Rectangle

Step 2: Draw a 4.75 in W x 6.75 in H Rectangle and change the color!

Step 3: Draw a smaller oval and change the color - make it small enough so we can fit a few on the card.

Step 4: Duplicate!

Step 5: Duplicate again and move around the card - these are going to be our balloons!

Step 6: Draw a curvy line - you do this by clicking the top drawing tool - clicking moving and swirving! Do this to make what looks like a balloon string

Step 7: Make it a little longer and curvy!

Step 8: Make it bolder! Change the size of the line under fill and stroke - this panel is under the objects section.

Step 9: Change it to whatever thickness you prefer - I picked 5!

Step 10: DUPLICATE!!!

Step 11: Move and rotate to however you'd like.

Step 12: Change the colors of the balloons

I changed some more colors and added in some white ovals for some "shine"


Make sure to save as an SVG File - this will keep the layers by color when you upload to Cricut!

Test this out for yourself! Rectangles and circles - keep it simple. Don't start your creation journey wanting to build a castle. Start small and build yourself up. Rome wasn't built in a day.

I can't want to see what you create! Keep going! Let's learn together!

Happy Crafting!

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