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July 17, 2022

Make a Shaped Card with Cricut for Father's Day with Free SVG

Time to make some Father's Day Cards and shaped cards are so fun and unique! You can make these using almost ANY SVG file that you like. They are quick to put together and can be completely made within Cricut Design Space. You can get my free SVG file for Father's Day here.

make a custom shaped card with this free trophy svg file for cricut

Let's make dad a unique custom shaped card for this Father's Day!

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Materials for The Card:

How to Create the Card in Cricut Design Space:

Don't forget to grab your free SVG file here and save it to your computer. You can use any SVG file you like really for this technique and you'll want to upload it to your canvas and resize first.

If you are having any trouble - learn how to download and upload all of the free SVG files on my website here.

free svg file for fathers day uploaded into cricut design space

Remember that it's going on top of a card so try to keep it little smaller than your typical card size. I make my trophy 5 inches high. Keep in mind your fonts and writing when making cards like this as well! You don't want to make your fonts too small and you struggle when cutting or weeding them.

free svg file for fathers day uploaded into cricut design space - resizing to 5 inches high

Once you have it sized to the way you like we are going to use the offset feature which is now available for all Cricut Design Space users. I do find it can take a while to adjust but it's one of my most used tools.

free svg file for fathers day uploaded into cricut design space - using the offset feature at .25 to create a DIY card

I kept my offset at .25 but you can adjust it bigger or smaller depending on the look of your card but remember to utilize that contour feature in the bottom right hand corner to make sure their aren't any small holes.

free svg file for fathers day uploaded into cricut design space - duplicating the back of a DIY card

Now we are duplicating just that new offset layer! This is to make the other piece of the card. You can right click and hit duplicate or copy and paste. You will then want to flip the image depending on how you want your card to open. I want my card to open up, so I am going to flip my card vertically. If you want your card to open to the side, then you would flip horizontally.

free svg file for fathers day uploaded into cricut design space - flipping the card to create the correct shape

The next step is to place the duplicated flipped part of your SVG to the correct position. Since I want mine to open up, I will place mine on top - you want these as close as possible and touching with not too much overlap but also not with a gap.

free svg file for fathers day uploaded into cricut design space centering the shape

I then used the Cricut align feature and centered horizontally so that they perfectly matched when I closed the card. Then you are going to weld the two pieces together. This is why the two pieces need to slightly overlap, if they are not you will have two slighted backs instead of one solid piece.

free svg file for fathers day uploaded into cricut design space using the weld feature

I like to move my card back to behind the trophy SVG file so I can see the way the card is going to look and I am going to change the color. Remember it's a card so dark paper for the back is going to be harder to see if you write on it.

free svg file for fathers day uploaded into cricut design space adding a score line and changing the colors of the fathers day card

This is also a great time to recheck sizing. Most card stock (not all) maxes out at 12 x 12 inches so we want the back of the card to fit onto that paper. The max size on a 12 x 12 mat is 11.5 x 11.5 inches. So I am checking to make sure the height of my card is within those boundaries!

I also added a score line to the middle and I am going to attach this with the paperclip button in the bottom right hand corner of design space. The score line is a free shape you can find in the right side panel. Always remember to attach the score lines to your SVG files or they will mark on a separate mat.

Now we can send this file to our Cricut Machine and cut - don't forget to mirror if you are using Heat Transfer Vinyl.

Assembling the Custom Shaped Father's Day Card

This is the easy part! We are just going to stack and layer our cut SVG File. I cut out my file with different gold paper including glitter card stock and foil card stock. For my backing I used a plain white but you can mix up colors as you see fit! I try to keep card layering relatively small just in case we are mailing this out.

Step 1: Heat Transfer Vinyl

If you are using heat transfer vinyl on your card stock, you want to do this step first before layering with your foam tape. It would be extremely hard to heat the vinyl with the foam tape on the back and you run the possibility of even melting it.

using heat transfer vinyl on glitter paper

I use my EasyPress Mini on the lowest setting and press my vinyl onto my paper for about 10-15 seconds and then I allow the plastic protector to cool before pulling it off. Pull gently as to not rip the vinyl.

Step 2: Layer your SVG onto your card backing

using foam mounting tape in paper crafting to create height and layers

I am using my foam mounting tape to create a little height between the layers but you can also use craft glue or a tape gun.

Step 3: Write Your Message and Gift Your Card

finished shaped DIY father's day card made in cricut design space shaped like a trophy - free svg file for cricut

This card is so fast to put together - I made the whole thing (including the Cricut Design Space steps) in under 20 minutes. A hand made card for dad that is super cute and unique which I am sure he will love.

You can find out how to make and address envelopes with Cricut here if you are sending this out to dad this Father's Day.

Happy Crafting!

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