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July 26, 2022

Three Free Cricut Projects for Beginners

Are you new to Cricut crafting? Lost and overwhelmed with all the projects there are to make?

Here are THREE Free Cricut Projects for Beginners for you to start with - Including free SVGs!

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links that do earn a commission for me. Thank you!

So, what projects should you make!? The three free Cricut projects I have included can be made on ANY of the Cricut machines!

Project 1: Greeting Cards!

diy greeting card in cricut
Oh Happy Day DIY Birthday Card

These are usually quick to cut and assemble and are such a nice touch when giving a gift. Who doesn't love to get a homemade card?

You can find the SVG File for Free right here along with some other card files!

If you are having any trouble - learn how to download and upload all of the free SVG files on my website here.

The card I have included here has only 4 layers! Once you download you will add to your design space by hitting upload and selecting the file.

Get Started in Cricut Design Space

Upload by hitting the bottom left hand button.

greeting card uploaded into cricut design space

Then we want to ungroup!

You can ungroup by clicking on the file and hitting ungroup on the top right hand side - this makes each layer an individual item.

changing to score lines in cricut design space
Score will make a line for easier folding

We will change the line to score in the top left! The drop down box will give you options for what you want your machine to do.

using arrange in cricut design space
Attached score line to card base

We will attach the score line to the base of the card. You can find this button on the bottom and it looks like a paperclip! This is an important step. If you don't attach the score line to anything, the machine will read it separately and put the score on an empty mat.

I sent the base to the back with the arrange dropdown.

setting materials in cricut design space
Setting Materials

Now we can set our material, I have here some favorites I use regularly, but you can also search under browse all materials.

Now, you sort out your materials, secure to your mat and cut!

Assembly is easy peasy! I used a mix of glue and foam mounting tape. Just layer as needed!

Project Two: This Belongs To T-shirt Tag

Heat Transfer Vinyl or HTV has become such a game changer for me - You can read more about how I use it on paper projects here.

This project is easy to cut and weed! You can even add a personalized name - HELLO, you can even sell these in packs of 10 for kids starting school or daycare!

You can find this file here along with some other projects!

Start in Cricut Design Space

You'll upload the SVG first.

cricut design space with tshirt tag upload
Upload to Cricut

Once uploaded you can add in your own text and customize!

cricut design space with tshirt tag upload

Make sure you attach with the paperclip! This will ensure that the pieces all cut together.

cricut design space with tshirt tag upload

Resize as needed. I made mine about 3 inches wide.

tshirt tag on cricut mat with mirror turned on

Send to your machine and make sure you mirror! You can find this toggle on the left hand side.

Now let's make it!

tools for heat transfer proect

You'll need to weed out your vinyl and have your heat press or iron warming. I used my mini-press on the second setting.

tshirt prepped for custom tag

Pop the tag where you would like it, I ironed my spot just a little to flatten and warm it up.

heat press on tag to transfer heat transfer vinyl

Heat press over the whole thing for about 10-15 seconds, I move my press around in little circles.

I also skip the sheet in between but if you have one you like to use, go for it!

Now you have your shirts ready for school, camp, daycare and more!

Project Three: Water Bottle Name Tag

customized water bottle in cricut

This project is all done in design space!

I just got a new water bottle and I want to personalize it with some vinyl.

Don't be alarmed if vinyl projects are tricky at first - they are still tricky for me!

Let's Start by opening design space and adding a text!

adding a text box in cricut design space

Add your name (or whatever you want it to say) - super simple.

adding text in cricut design space and changing font

You can change your font in the top left corner - make sure you have the text box clicked on to see all the options. One of the most important steps after your pick a font is to Weld! This will connect any script type fonts. If you skip this step, each letter will cut individually.

You can learn about where to find some awesome fonts here.

adding offset in cricut design space

I am going to apply a small offset (this is only available on the desktop Cricut design space) and then send to my maker! You can change the colors before hand if you want for ease or with something like this you can leave it, just check what you're cutting before you send the mat through. I changed mine to white and yellow (there is no gold so I went with whatever was closest).

two mats in cricut design space

Now let's assemble

weeded vinyl for custom water bottle

You will start by weeding your vinyl. Make sure your cut is well done, use more pressure if you need. I used foil vinyl and cut it THREE times - this was I knew the blade went through and it weeded beautifully!

parchment paper for lining up vinyl

I lined up my two vinyl pieces with some parchment in between! This takes practice, the parchment just gives you some time to line things up but it isn't necessary.

vinyl decal for custom water bottle ready to be transferred

Now I have my decal ready to go. You can find this transfer tape here on Amazon. It's excellent quality and you get 50 feet for less than $20!

securing water bottle for customization

You can use some tools to secure your water bottle from rolling and prep your bottle with rubbing alcohol. I use these little prep pads.

alcohol prep pad for vinyl work

lining up vinyl decal on custom waterbottle

Now you just gently place your decal on and rub! It's that simple. Make sure to take your time lining up the transfer tape then slowly peel it back.

Vinyl is not dishwasher safe (either is my water bottle) so if you use this technique on a glass, you'll have to hand wash!

You now mastered three Cricut Projects for Beginners!

Keep practicing, happy crafting!

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