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September 9, 2022

Easy DIY Fall Wreath with Cricut [Free Fall SVG FIle]

easy diy fall wreath with cricut

Let's make an Easy DIY Fall Wreath out of card stock paper with our Cricut.

You can grab the free Fall SVG File here under my community SVG Files. You will have to sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this blog post to get the password for access - this will be sent immediately to your email!

This DIY Fall Wreath is super easy to put together and is a great Cricut beginner project! Since we will be making this project out of card stock paper, I suggest keeping this indoors so its perfect for your kitchen, garage door, or even your classroom! Hello Fall!

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Materials Needed for the DIY Wreath

This wreath does not require much! Of course you can make it out of other materials if you want, I went with card stock paper but you can also use faux leather, felt, or even some thin wood.

To make the exact version of the fall wreath that I made you will need:

If you choose to use other materials, you may need to work with different adhesives like hot glue or tape. I wanted to make this fall project as easy as I could for those who are just starting out with their Cricut (plus I love working with card stock).

Downloading and Uploading the Free Fall SVG File

You will find the Fall Wreath SVG File all the way towards the bottom of the community SVG Files and you can find even more free fall SVG Files here.

If you need more information on downloading the SVG files - I have instructions for both desktop downloads and iPad downloads.

Once you have the file uploaded into cricut design space you can resize it as needed and change any of the colors of the leaves or the backing.

how to upload the free svg file into cricut design space easy diy fall wreath

I resized my wreath to 15 inches wide by 14.593 inches high - this made the backing of the wreath about 11.5 inches by 11.5 inches so I could cut everything out of 12 by 12 paper.

backing piece of the easy diy fall wreath

Once I had everything sized and colored to my liking I cut out all of the pieces. I cut the backing out in brown and then twice out in white, you can duplicate the back piece or just run the machine again. I did this to give a sturdier back to the wreath but you can also skip over this! Totally optional.

Assembling the DIY Fall Wreath

This project goes together easily - and you can truly make it your own with colors or even add a bit of sparkle with some glitter paper. If you like this project, you can also learn how to make a fall pumpkin spice magnet here.

layering the backing of the easy diy fall wreath

Once you remove all of the pieces off the mats, I started with the backing first. I grabbed my three layers of paper that are the circle ring and I glued them together with a generous amount of craft glue. Do your best to line these up, since I used white for more structure (it's a thicker paper), I didn't want the white to peek through the back.

adding the hello fall wording to the diy wreath

Once I had these all lined up and attached I began to glue on my letters, starting with the offset and then the Hello Fall on top. I used craft glue for all of the layered for the words as well!

Once I had the backing layers assembled, I built my pumpkins. My suggestion here is to line up the pieces starting on the left and bottom and work your way around. My pumpkins all ended up looking slightly different depending on where I placed my pieces but I love having the slight difference. It shows it's home made with love and gives it a unique touch - I am never about being perfect here.

assembling my paper pumpkin free svg file

Once I had all my pumpkins assembled, I started placing some leaves. I used my bone tool and my fingers to add creases to the leaves to give them some dimension. I just did some crimping and pressing to add a crinkled look. Once I added some shape, I started layering the leaves.

crinkling leaves made out of paper by hand for a diy fall wreath

I layered almost all the leaves before adding my pumpkins on, I had no rhyme or reason as to where I placed the leaves or pumpkins, I just filled in space and tried to keep similar colors apart. I used my craft glue on the back of the leaves to attach them to the wreath. I didn't use a ton of glue, my craft glue is very quick drying and secure. I also placed the leaves in all different directions on the wreath to make it seem like they had fallen into place.

attaching the leaves and pumpkins to a diy fall wreath

For the pumpkins I used the foaming mounting squares to give these a little height on top of the leaves but this is an optional part. You can also just glue these on top.

Once you have all your leaves placed, your wreath is complete! This took me less than 20 minutes to assemble and I am ready to start decorating for fall!\

finished easy dit fall wreath made on cricut out of card stock paper

If you want to see the Spring version of this wreath check out this blog post, you will be able to make easy DIY paper wreaths for every season! And make sure to check back for even more easy Cricut decor projects.

Happy Crafting!

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